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The New Wave: “Paradise” by Apollo | @Apollosillusion

apollo_roadside_pt2 -013 copy

“A P O L L O brings you a blistering single for summertime, Paradise. Through the thought-provoking workings of this independent hip-hop artist and producer, the San Francisco Bay Area native transports you to the electric euphoria for which his listeners have come to know him.    Inspired by the fantasy of bliss between two people, A P O L L O disassembles societal relationship goals in search of the ideal relationship. A P O L L O reflects on personal experiences to inspire listeners to look for a new perspective. This entirely self-written, produced, and engineered piece was officially released on May 20th, 2015 and is available on iTunes now.”


Bars In Acapella: “Alphabet Soup Freestyle” by @IAmJonathanSosa (Directed by @ScreamNameless)


In his latest visual, Jonathan Sosa invites you on a lyrical walk down the street. Although it’s a nice gesture, bar after bar of dangerous wordplay in this amazing acapella freestyle awaits you. Enjoy!

She Bad ‘Cause She: “Faithful” by @LightsLaSoul ft. @ImRussellWright


I can comfortably bounce to this… this is the new fresh, clean, and sexy. Enjoy!

“Faithful brings a fresh sound for the radio AND the club. Lights puts an uncommon twist on what any girl usually hears coming out the speakers all night. And when that girl says she’s faithful to her man, well, he admits that’s probably (subconsciously) why he came over in the first place. R&B artist and childhood friend W R I G H T lends vocals to a dynamic hook & bridge – Making ‘Faithful’ a problem for rewind buttons everywhere.”
Artist Bio:
The young Pittsburgh rapper came on the scene dropping a hand full of singles, two full length mix tapes, and doing several shows in the 412. Hailing from the North side – Lights spits his soul over melodies that paint vivid pictures for his audience. He’s noted as a lyricist with a knack for songwriting and the proof is definitely in the music. Lights refers to his body of work as Elevator Music – a title fitting the theme of his up and coming Fall project. Lights La Soul has already gained success on major websites but has recently teamed up with Big Jerm at ID Labs studios-the result-a song that has his hometown the chills after it’s debut in local clubs.

The Color Of My Presence: “Dress My Fears” – by EK | @OfficialEKMusic


“You scream black power.

You scream white power.

Look in between towers,

They did that for power…”

– EK, Dress My Fears

This video and track is right on time, but now the time is always RIGHT NOW when addressing the subject of race relations and other current social issues in America. “Dress My Fears” is a synth laced track that begins with a Muhammad Ali interview, and then culminates into EK delivering in both, rhyme style and lyrical content, as he bluntly puts America’s dirty laundry on the line. Think and enjoy!

“Grammy-winning imprint Defend Music signee Daniel “EK” Ibeh drops a new set of visuals for his recent single “Dress My Fears”. In the timely video, the Nigerian-American emcee delivers his own unapologetically take on contemporary discrimination, (from skin color, sexual orientation to political views) featuring vocalist Simile. “Hands of Time EP” out July 1st via”

Photo credit:

Formulate The Plan: “Sound Solution” – by S.I.T.H. | @DefSick92 (prod. by @EOM_)

SS Thumb

“Like Nat Turn

I burn like Malcom with the perm…”

– S.I.T.H., Sound Solution

One of my favorites from Staten Island is back with a visual for “Sound Solution” which is a track from EOM’s “Sunrain” project. This brother’s lyricism is ALL fire – “when I talk… it’s just too much gun powder residues on my toothbrush/Showing no signs of stopping like a school bus.” Enjoy!


“Took A Vow” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by VS | @VStheReal


VS recently sent us his video for his highly acclaimed track “Took A Vow”. He also shared more insight about his name/the concept of Victory & Struggle, his hip hop influences, as well as his upcoming project “R.O.M. Vol. 2.” which will include “Took A Vow”.

 “What Does VS Stand For?”  Here’s the answer …“The name VS stands for Victory & Struggle. I chose this name because in life there must be balance, there is no up without down, no left without right, no good without bad. VS represents constant struggle with the good & bad within. I’ve come from a background of chaos but I have found my balance.”

Growing up I was heavily influenced by the hip hop culture… “My earliest memories of hip-hop culture came from the witnessing of a close range murder just outside my window. I remember shortly after, turning on the TV to find the Ghetto Boys video “My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me” playing & thinking to myself the image I had just witnessed on a rooftop outside my window was what I was just watching on TV. From that point on I was captivated by the culture. It felt real to me & as time passed & more personal struggles came around, it was the music I would listen to that would help me cope.”

On “R.O.M. Vol. 2” … “I channel my influences and experiences into a street-classic project that is exactly what old school heads have been feigning for. Keep on the lookout for the project coming soon.”

In the meantime enjoy his new inspirational visuals for “Took A Vow”.


Somewhere In East Harlem: “Ice Cream Gmix” by Twizzy | @YoungTwizzyABM

“I ain’t changed, I grew up…”
– Twizzy

On TPAB Kendrick Lamar said on “Hood Politics” – “So, you better go hard every time you jump on wax…” After listening to Twizzy’s latest track, I can visualize Twizzy responding, along side Tupac in that “interview” – “It shall be done Mr. Lamar”. Y’all enjoy!

“East Harlem’s Own Young Twizzy Delivers a Dope Set Of Bars Over The Wu-Tang Classic “Ice Cream”. Look Out for Twizzy’s Official Release “When The Smoke Clears” Scheduled For Fall Release.”


“Hold Up Wait” – Hadiya Love | @Hadiya4Real


“I’m the type that value time
You the type that wait…”
– Hidaya Love

“Hold up, wait… ” will be your response to this track because you’ll be surprised at the assertive like gems this nine year old, (hailing from Chicago) is dropping. Lupe and Kanye would be proud. Enjoy!

About Hidaya Love…

“Hadiya is a unique talent, not because she is young and plays the violin, nor is she unique because she can rap seamlessly in different styles. She is unique because of her ability, in the early stages of her career, to execute her craft at such a high level.”


#eMceeCrushMonday: Artist/Owner Coole High | @CooleHigh


Tidal’s “artist/owner” concept “feels” new and is great for their intended branding/marketing strategy, but it certainly isn’t a brand new concept. Just ask Brooklyn, NY emcee/artist/producer/radio host/OWNER Coole High. He’s a label owner (Redd Oktober Records) and along with his business partner/radio host extraordinaire, Tasty Keish, he’s also the co-owner of Bondfire Radio. Branding themselves as “the future of radio” Bondfire Radio has emerged as the no holds barred, strong arm steady, community and artist supporter of online radio. Coole High is also the host of one of Bondfire Radio’s many shows “Cognac Time”, a great platform for all music genres, home of #LDM, tastemakers, and as Coole High says “it’s about that lifestyle Baby”. 


Hopefully, by now you understand that I LISTEN and I am a fan of Bondfire Radio. As well as a witness to a pioneer in the making – Coole High. As far as music, Coole High is a veteran in the rap game – see his entire music catalog of music here. And, he recently released his conceptual album “Black Jew” as well as produced fellow emcee AtLas’s latest album “Hieroglyphics in Crayon”.. Additionally, Coole High also did a “redux” for his fans by creating his Coole High music subscription service ensuring that his “Tru Highlighters” get music exclusives or rather, “more bang for their dub”.


With his talent and creative vision, this is one artist/owner/emcee and “Cat Daddy” that The Greener Side of Hip Hop truly admires – immensely. Coole High we salute you as today’s #eMceeCrushMonday!

At the end of his Cognac Time show Coole High always says “Always be better than you were yesterday.” So I will leave you with one of my favorite videos from Coole High entitled “Capital Greatness”. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Bondfire Radio, Coole High


“Live Show” by @caliobzvr ft. @HarnSOLO X @PrimalOnVinyl x @underdogcentral

With its classic production, and four heavy hitters hitters taking the helm, this track right here reminds you why hip hop should be enjoyed with a smile. Read more…

“Underground wordsmith @caliobzvr drops a rare and previously unreleased track, entitled “Live Show”.

Joining the party is fellow artist @harnSOLO who delivers a catchy hook over @PrimalOnVinyl’s throwback production.

New Orleans heavy hitter @underdogcentral opens the track with fire, while Strategy (@PrimalOnVinyl) pulls double duty for a hot 16 bars to end the song.”

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