I haven’t posted a lot this week, but what I have been vibing to for the last few days is this here track by Southern Cali rapper/lyricist Zaid Tabani. Hobo Junction’s Poke Martian has an old track entitled “Don’t Ask Is It Real”… and let me tell you that Zaid Tabani’s “Flaws” IS the most honest and realest track that I’ve ever heard, as Zaid Tabani uses himself as a muse to attack the issue of vanity and self-confidence. This is such a beautifully arranged track, with vocals by Madeline Rae, that listeners will forget that Zaid Tabani is singing from the heart. Zaid Tabani, you are a beautiful soul and I’m glad that an issue like vanity didn’t stop your train. Y’all enjoy!

Zaid Tabani Online…