Shit, I think I discovered some of my Arkansas relatives in this video – from my genealogy research, I have a lot of family roots there. This video really intrigued me due to the Arkansas connection. Anyway, this is a new visual by a newcomer to TGSHH pages entitled “L.A.W.W.D. (Look At What We Did)” by Arkansas artist Goon des Garcons. The acronym for the title threw me off a little but in a good and surprising way. Especially after realizing that “L.A.W.W.D.” (not Lawd as in have mercy) is a pretty dope anthem and the visuals introduces you to the backwoods and hip hop essence of Arkansas. Also, Goon des Garcons will be releasing his upcoming LP entitled “AINTNOWAYINHELL” soon – I am looking forward to it. In the meantime, enjoy the music and “mi familia”! Peace.