Yep, I’m just stopping by my own blog to blog for a minute. I might just temporarily rehire myself to blog and chill again. Seriously, my freestyle blogging hiatus is often halted by an artist’s music or lyrics that vibed with me in a certain way. And today, Gone Wallace is THAT artist. I think I just listened to his track “Dragon Shield” from his latest concept LP “Dragonzord” about ten times. And, I probably asked myself another twenty times “Wait, did he just say that?” (“You know you’ll never have me like I got you”, “I’ll kamikaze in ya inner thigh, an atom bomb is what I’m dropping.”, “You the Nia Long to my dark skinned Cuba Gooding”…) on this throwback to the 90’s RnB, no-you-cannot-deny-this-sexual-chemistry themed track. I think the chorus sums up the the theme of the song best – “You might as well roll with it!” If you grown, you’ve experienced those mutually intensive sensual thoughts before AND acted on them! Gone Wallace I think you just fined tuned and delivered the soundtrack for “Netflix and chill” with some respectful cuddling the next morning… Yes, there is a greener side!

“Dragonzord” is the sequel to GXNE.’s Angel Grove Nights featuring beautiful production from ΔKTR, aalon$e, and ARCHA. Y’all enjoy!