The Holstar just released his second single from his forthcoming album “Dreaming In High Definition” entitled “Nipempako” featuring beautiful vocals by Jane Jonazi. On this track The Holstar uses his storytelling approach to tell the emotions of a young man who has been orphaned. According to The Holstar the title of the track  “Nipempako” means “I am asking for” in Nyanja – i.e., asking for your help, your mentorship or your words of encouragement. That is the plea of 1.2 Million orphaned children all below the age of 15 that live in Zamb and 800,000 are affected by HIV and AIDS.” 

I haven’t listened to one of The Holstars tracks in a minute, but this track reminds of why I like his calm yet powerful demeanor that I’ve heard on some of his other notable tracks that stirs the soul. “Nipemapko” is another soul stirring track that doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy!