Blending various genres of music from hip hop, rock, funk, and jazz, New York’s Track Seven Band has a sound that is bound to keep touching the masses. With tracks like “The Message” and “Doubt Me” Track Seven aims straight for the listener’s consciousness. Having released their EP “The Try And The Fail” in May, frontman Cost does not disappoint lyrically as he uses his personal narrative and unique delivery (I can hear a slight cool sounding accent from Cost by the way) to further solidify the band’s universal appeal. “I See You Boy” is another track off their EP which I absolutely love. You just have to respect Cost’s undiplomatic appeal (“Don’t think that I’mma let it ride, don’t think that I’mma let it slide…”) on this track!  But the real message here, is that we have to respect and uplift one another. We try. We fail. Right? Enjoy! 

Track Seven Band’s EP “The Try And The Fail” can be purchased on iTunes