“We shaped the music from the view of the world from the seat of a Chevy… Chevy’s are like hood symbols.” – SateLightKool

I had to find her… No, not Mona Lisa, but the inspirational voice of Jocelyn Rainey (artist, educator, and founder of Finding Mona Lisa 313) that I hear sampled on SateLightKool’s single “Chevy Windows” which is included on his latest project “Mona Lisa In A Box Chevy”.  The project was released late last year and according to SateLightKool, the inspiration for the entire project did come from the Mona Lisa painting with the idea (from his producer) that “beautiful art can come from the most unlikely places”. Coincidentally, Jocelyn Rainey taught her art students about the culture of the famous artists they studied by having them travel abroad. Windows.  With that being said, check out SateLightKool’s creative take on views from his Louisville hood, any hood… I mean from a box Chevy. Yes, I included the entire project for your listening pleasure, please enjoy!