Ha!  I just realized as I started typing this post, that Binks Winston and K. Nightshift inserted themselves into the Evans family photo which serves as the artwork for their “The James Evans Mixtape”. With DJ Crimson on deck, their latest project is dedicated to the blue collar hustler, the hard workers, yep the James Evanses of this world who take care of theirs. Recently, this Oakland duo released the entertaining and raw (see Binks almost get his revolutionary “wig pushed back” when the music drops) visuals for their track “Bookman”. Laced with Nas’s soulful “Get Down”,  Binks Winston and K. Nightshift deliver the lyrical goods for what I heard Binks describe on the track as “black ass Bay Area music”. Hence, even Huey P. Newton is channeled in the visuals. So, having said that, check it out for yourself, and get drop kicked into the black power 1970s. Enjoy!

About the mixtape…

“The James Evans Mixtape” is a tribute to the blue collar hustler, the working class hero, and the old-school family man. It’s also a short and sweet run through some classic hip hop tracks, from Biggie and Nas to OutKast and the Dogg Pound.” 

The mixtape is now available on SoundCloud