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“Bank Account (Freeswag)” – by Terry Mak | @FlyTerryMak

Striving to be wealthy and not stopping at just being rich, New Jersey’s Terry Mak recently released his latest visuals for his track “Bank Account” (Freeswag). Enjoy!


“Set Trippin” – by Scott King | @RealScottKing

Scott King does a redux and bodies Casanova’s track “Set Trippin” by lyrically – set trippin’. So, catch this “fade”, and these bars you’ll catch. Enjoy!

“Universe” – by KEVNPHE | @KEVNPHE_

“I never heard a beat that was not for me/I know you’re Top Five gotta spot for me… ” – KEVNPHE

This morning before the sun rised, I was quietly reviewing my Twitter timelime, minding my own business and KEVNPHE “caught my ears outside” with their track “Universe”. On this track the duo, who hail from both V.A. and Cali, give us a little self-reflection on their worth (they know they are worthy), passion and faith in this rap game. I dig KEVNPHE’s calm, but I-will-lyrically-break-you-off flow that I am sure has put them in the good graces of hip hop heads. KEVNPHE, y”all kidnapped my ears – I’m not “pressing” charges, but I’ll press play again and again. Listen and enjoy folks!

“Feels Like” – by 8-Bit Symphony (feat. @Klokwize & Kev)

You need a little of this EDM, hip hop, and free form expressionism (á la Katie Brittner) to get your morning started. Hailing from Connecticut, 8-Bit Symphony released their first visual for their track “Feels Like” featuring Mr. Funkin’ Hip Hop himself Klokwize and also Kev. The duo consists of instrumentalist Isaac Young and Engineer Nate Faulkenberry. Look for their first project which will be available on all major streaming outlets on February 2nd. Relax and enjoy this synth!!!

“The Try and The Fail” – Track Seven Band | @TrackSevenBand

“It’s a conceptual video that shows the struggle going on in the world for equality while also highlighting the need for more kindness amongst us.”

– Cost, Track Seven Band

On a perfect MLK Holiday the NAACP hosted their annual Image Awards celebrating people of color, some people participated in a day of service and New York’s Track Seven Band released their visuals for “The Try and The Fail” reminding us all to not give up the fight. If you’ve listened to songs from their EP of the same title, you’ll know that just like Dr. King, Track Seven Band rides hard for their people – Exodus 4:16. Listen and enjoy!

“The Homies” by BenJamIN | @BHGBenJamIN1 (prod. by @Johnystormbeats)

Dope track, simplistic visuals, with a little mystique, (compliments of Friday the 13th’s Jason) and a classic Trans-AM – maybe this is the start of a a visual album? Nevertheless, I’m intrigued. Alright, so giving you an introductory cliffhanger, this is BenJamIn and his day ones with his latest, I mean first visual for his track “The Homies”. Enjoy!

“Rich Talk” (Official Video) by Kayo Bracey | @KayoBracey

“T.R.A.P. (To Restore Assets and Prosperity)” – Kayo Bracey

Kayo Bracey recently released visuals for his track entitled “Rich Talk”. About 45 seconds into this video I was feeling lit, with a little bouncy head nod and schooled on Kayo’s ideal of trappin’/chasing your dreams. The concept of “Rich Talk” will restore your faith in your hustle, especially when according to Kayo, – “God is the Plug”. Y’all enjoy!

You’re A Diamond: “Flossed Up” by Cakes | @ItsCakess

“I had to take a loss/Just to bounce back on my feet/I had to shake it off/I came right back with that heat/”Cause I’mma Boss Bitch and I’m Flossin’/Boss Bitch… Flossin’ ” – Cakes

Richmond, VA’s Cakes has crafted the perfect bounce back/shake off the haters and be you track. What I like about “Flossed Up”, is that Cakes is so cold as she delivers the hook you can’t help but to appreciate her dope inner swag and at the same time you’ll remember that you have dope qualities too! Cakes wants you to know that flossin’ is more than glitz and glamour – it’s a mindset. So stay shining “diamonds” and y’all enjoy!

“Flossed Up” is a track off of Cakes’s EP “Gold Decisions” which can be streamed here.

“1/11” (EP) by Pennjamin Bannekar | @PennBannekar

It’s been a minute since I listened to Pennjamin Bannekar’s music. After listening to “Alter Prayer”, a track that was released last month, I realized that Penn can be one of the most “unpreachiest preachers” in indie hip hop. If you THINK his lyrics are sending you a “slick” message, then congratulations Penn just prevented you from playin’ yourself. Today, he released his EP entitled “1/11” which is a fun and refreshing hip hop musical ride. My three favorite tracks are “Alter Prayer”, “Idols” and the catchy “Money Drop”. And speaking of “money” – Happy Birthday Money!! You got these bloggers treating you like it’s your birthday – it really is Penn’s birthday y’all. And thank you for letting The Greener Side of Hip Hop eat this “cake” with you today. Stay stuntin’ with Penn and enjoy y’all!

New To The Greener Side: “Jungle Juice” by Baby Cate | @ThatKidCate

“I know that y’all put a new song in rotation every week. So, I figure I’m gonna show up every week till you take a serious listen to this CD. Then I’m gonna come back every week until you put this here CD into rotation. Every week.”
– Taye Diggs character ‘Brown Sugar

I can’t put my finger on why I am feeling Baby Cate’s music exactly… maybe because when she hit me up with an e-mail her very subtle persistence seemed to be synonymous with two simple words – “EVERY WEEK” Taye Diggs/”Brown Sugar” style. Thus, she immediately set the bar high for having faith and confidence in herself as an artist. (Yep, made me look.) Plus she produces some cool dope beats. Representing New Orleans, Baby Cate’s latest self-produced track is called “Jungle Juice” which she released today. Being that she recently turned 21 this is her New Year, new milestone, laid back anthem – so why not have a drink and get a little creative? Y’all listen up and enjoy this laid back bounce!


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