“I know that y’all put a new song in rotation every week. So, I figure I’m gonna show up every week till you take a serious listen to this CD. Then I’m gonna come back every week until you put this here CD into rotation. Every week.”
– Taye Diggs character ‘Brown Sugar

I can’t put my finger on why I am feeling Baby Cate’s music exactly… maybe because when she hit me up with an e-mail her very subtle persistence seemed to be synonymous with two simple words – “EVERY WEEK” Taye Diggs/”Brown Sugar” style. Thus, she immediately set the bar high for having faith and confidence in herself as an artist. (Yep, made me look.) Plus she produces some cool dope beats. Representing New Orleans, Baby Cate’s latest self-produced track is called “Jungle Juice” which she released today. Being that she recently turned 21 this is her New Year, new milestone, laid back anthem – so why not have a drink and get a little creative? Y’all listen up and enjoy this laid back bounce!