It’s been a minute since I listened to Pennjamin Bannekar’s music. After listening to “Alter Prayer”, a track that was released last month, I realized that Penn can be one of the most “unpreachiest preachers” in indie hip hop. If you THINK his lyrics are sending you a “slick” message, then congratulations Penn just prevented you from playin’ yourself. Today, he released his EP entitled “1/11” which is a fun and refreshing hip hop musical ride. My three favorite tracks are “Alter Prayer”, “Idols” and the catchy “Money Drop”. And speaking of “money” – Happy Birthday Money!! You got these bloggers treating you like it’s your birthday – it really is Penn’s birthday y’all. And thank you for letting The Greener Side of Hip Hop eat this “cake” with you today. Stay stuntin’ with Penn and enjoy y’all!