“I had to take a loss/Just to bounce back on my feet/I had to shake it off/I came right back with that heat/”Cause I’mma Boss Bitch and I’m Flossin’/Boss Bitch… Flossin’ ” – Cakes

Richmond, VA’s Cakes has crafted the perfect bounce back/shake off the haters and be you track. What I like about “Flossed Up”, is that Cakes is so cold as she delivers the hook you can’t help but to appreciate her dope inner swag and at the same time you’ll remember that you have dope qualities too! Cakes wants you to know that flossin’ is more than glitz and glamour – it’s a mindset. So stay shining “diamonds” and y’all enjoy!

“Flossed Up” is a track off of Cakes’s EP “Gold Decisions” which can be streamed here.