When I seen this e-mail from Conneticut’s Abstrakt Mind today – I pictured my reaction in a “shooketh” meme where Abstrakt Mind taps me on the shoulder and just like that I’m trapped in his lovely book of rhymes – I’m nodding my head like “yesss”! Abstrakt Mind is another “day one” on TGSoHH pages and we thank him for blessing us with his music time and time again. It’s been a minute, but he is back and recently released visuals for his track “The Return” which will be featured on his forthcoming EP due out in mid 2018. Directed by N.M. Palmer (with production by UnUsual) this visual takes us on a trek on a hillside where Abstrakt Mind does what he came to do and reminds you why he is not a lyricist to mess with as it “it wouldn’t be too intelligent”. Hip hop heads this for you. Y’all enjoy!