Fresh. Fresh for the fans, for his future, the culture, manifesting his own destiny and having a positive impact on others. This Lawton, OK emcee is no stranger to The Greener Side of Hip Hop – I still remember one of his first videos “Perfect Notes”, from a few years back and I knew then Fresh was cut from a different cloth. LFresh’s genuine, lyrical bravado and confidence he displayed on that track had to have been instilled in him at an early age. These days he is dropping financial advice and words of wisdom on social media, ALWAYS reppin’ the hip hop culture for his city and for the ultimate win – he has strategically gotten even “closer” to his fan base…

First, there was the CONNECT – click this link here – for the exclusives and first to know information. Then, Fresh went ahead and just “REFRESHED” the visuals for one of my favorite tracks, the energizing “25/8”. Wait, what? A second video? (my initial reaction). I think I watched like 45 seconds of the video and realized there was no need to ask in my Dr. Phil voice – “How is connecting with your fans working out for you Fresh?” And Fresh’s response (in my imaginary mind probably was): “Godspeed. I’m from Lawton.”

And, yes he is reppin’ Lawton, as well as the steps that have been ordered for him, AND he took his fans along for the ride. The REFRESHED visuals for “25/8” tells it all with the devoted fan love and subtlety captures the essence of Tupac and Dr. Dre ridin’ out in the desert in “California Love”. But don’t ever forget – he from Lawton. I am TOTALLY lovin’ this new energy! Check out the video below and vibrate on a higher level with Fresh “25/8”. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Fresh