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“Strawberry Ice Cream”: El Blue’s 10 Track EP Is Love On A Higher Level – @MartyMcRhymes


“This album is a long date compressed into a short 35 minute album that takes you through euphoria in a rose garden while eating strawberry ice cream with the person you love.”  El Blue on “Strawberry Ice Cream

Recently Southern Cali emcee and producer, El Blue released his 10 Track EP “Stawberry Ice Cream”. Already a skilled rhymer, El Blue consistently works hard to refine his production skills to something that he can be proud of and shows the progress of his growth and development as a producer. And, I think he has outdone himself on “Strawberry Ice Cream”. Touting love as the theme (“in its prime and full of life” per El Blue) the tracks are a great blend of hip hop beats, of mainly jazz, and with a little blues, and RnB. As far as a listening experience, with it’s lo-fi sound, “Strawberry Ice Cream” is an EP that you can totally sit down (or lay down) and vibe out too. And, if you are currently in love (or not) – this EP IS for you, no matter what genre of music you like. El Blue’s ability to capture the essence of love with some dope tracks is exactly what you need. Below is one of the tracks from the EP entitled “Roses”. So, roll up and sip on a little “Soda” and enjoy!

“Strawberry Ice Cream” is available on all streaming platforms.


#BarsStillExist – Scott King Releases Visuals For The DJ Waffles Produced “Bars Still Exist” – @RealScottKIng


Scott King is still coming with that consistent fire. Fresh off releasing his visuals for “Back At It Again” – he back at it again – with another visual for “Bars Still Exist”. He’s been campaigning “Bars Still Exist” and doing it for a minute now as he is an established veteran emcee. What I like about Scott King?  He stays on top of his craft and takes emcees to task. Enjoy!


She Wildin’ And She Know It: Young Lyric Drops Her Video for “Bih Brazy” – @Lyrikkal

“If I were you, I would hate me,
And say F*ck Young Lyric,
That Bih Brazy…”
– “Bih Brazy” – Young Lyric

Young Lyric dropped her wild video for “Bih Brazy” which is a track on her mixtape “EXECUTION”. I have to say that knowing yourself comes along with maturity. Having said that, using a psychotic type theme, I love how the concept for this video is a play on the depths of Young Lyric’s braziness. It’s entertainment, y’all enjoy!

You See What It Be: “Calm Down” (Official Music Video) by ZionI | @ZIONI

You sippin,’
You trippin,
You fall.
These devious visions
Infectin’ us all…” – “Calm Down”

Oakland’s Zion I creeps into your cerebral with a slow, and eerie melodic beat for their latest track and visuals for “Calm Down”. The track is on their latest release “Ritual Mystik” which is now available on all streaming platforms. The visuals and lyrics for “Calm Down” creatively give you a head nod to the state of some of our affairs in this country, hence the hook – “We see what it be.” Enjoy!

#HipHop: Q & A Part Deux With Lawton, Oklahoma’s Jacobi Ryan – @Nothin2Much

“That was actually an accident. I just ad libbed it when I recorded “25/8″ and then started saying it at live shows and it caught on. It’s definitely become a part of my brand. And I love it because, when I came to OKC, one of my main intentions was to make sure everyone who heard me knew where I came from. Lawton is everything to me.” – Jacobi Ryan on his tagline “My Name is Fresh, I’m From Lawton”

Lawton, Oklahoma native and hip hop artist Jacobi Ryan (formerly Fresh but he’ll still respond to that name too) recently dropped his much anticipated EP “Regardless” on 12/28 which set the foundation for what he has in store for fans in the new year. Or, as Jacobi likes to put it “Issa Introduction” as he has previously put out mixtapes and other projects over the years – “Retros & XOs”, “Retros & XOs 2”, and “Empty Venues”, while sharpening his craft and moving towards his purpose and the person that he wants to be. The “Regardless” EP is now available on all streaming platforms but in the meantime, enjoy “part deux” of this conventional Q & A with Jacobi Ryan right here on The Greener Side of Hip Hop (click here for part one of the interview) … enjoy!

Part II

Come what may…

Q: Previously, you spoke on how the OKC hip hop scene has influenced you but you are originally from Lawton (now residing in OKC). How has the Lawton, Oklahoma hip hop scene influenced you and your music?

A: Definitely. Without Lawton I’m nothing. Coming up in Lawton we didn’t really have a Hip Hop scene. Nobody did live shows, nobody really showed love to the cats making music, there were no venues for the artists to perform or people to show support for those artists – the radio station held us down though. With that being said, Lawton has influenced me in so many ways. But specifically it helped me understand I don’t need anyone to believe in me but me. We didn’t really have anyone help build us up or prepare us. I talk to homies in OKC and they mention doing shows in high school and having a culture built around it back then. We didn’t have that. Most we had was freestyling at lunch and I never did that because I was nervous and I don’t like to freestyle. I’m a writer. Guess I learned that thanks to Lawton’s scene too. Lol Another thing was that I knew I needed to find my own voice. A lot of music I heard in Lawton sounded like what was hot at the time. We had a few cats pop up here and there that had really original sounds that we embraced and loved – those are Lawton legends to this day in my eyes. I think also the fact that Lawton got overlooked so much in everything from music to sports in Oklahoma really had an impact on me with this chip on my shoulder. We always felt like we were just as good, better and capable as anybody else.

Q: What artists have you worked with from your hometown? And will fans hear from them also in 2019 when you drop your EP and singles?
A: My little brother – that’s about it. There are a couple artists from Lawton I’ll be working with definitely. Possibly 2019.

Q: Now let’s talk about what’s next for Jacobi Ryan You recently dropped your latest project on 12/28 entitled “Regardless”. Tell us more about the EP and the exciting plans you have for 2019?
A: Yes ma’am… In 2014 my plan was to not drop content again until people were asking for it. That happened in 2016. so between 2014 and now, a lot has happened. A looooooot. And this was my theme throughout it all. Regardless of the bullshit, I know my purpose and I know what I need to be doing while I’m here. I talk about that a lil bit on this project. And, the Formerly Fresh/52 in 365 campaign will talk about a lot of it. All of this is strategic. I went through a lot, stabilized things for myself, then sought to find a way to express myself in these experiences and maximize how I told the story. I’m always experimenting and trying new things to figure things out. This project is a small piece in the plan – Issa an introduction. Issa a greeting so to say.
I recorded this back in 2014. It’s made up of 4 songs that I didn’t create with the intent of an EP but it worked. [w] produced all 4 songs. He’s a genius and working with him has been hella dope. I released the EP to my mailing list earlier this year and decided it’d be a good one to publicly release by end of the year to get 2019 started on the right foot. So, the “Regardless” EP dropped on 12/28 and starting next week I’m releasing a new song every week for all of 2019. Along with a couple projects that we’ll talk about later. But this whole year is really about taking it to the next level for me. I’ve put in a lot of work and a lot more of my focus is on scaling my brand. Got some mercy coming soon too. I’m hype.

Q: How is this project different from some of your earlier work?
A: This is a much more mature artist. I’ve never felt like more of an artist than I do now. Although written and recorded a couple years ago, I like where I was on these songs. Compared to my last projects they were more strategic and concentrated. This one not as much. Those other projects will probably be scrubbed off the internet by January 1st.

Q: I love the concept of “Regardless” and all 4 tracks on the EP. I’m asking for a friend – Will fans get treated to a video to “Passenger Side”? “My friend” thought that track in particular resonated visually with the concept of the EP in the most simplistic way… a temporary setback, but you kept it movin’ and still had a “Bugatti” in your driveway!!
A: Man, that’s love. I’m sure we’ll do a video to some joints off “Regardless”. Right now, my focus is in the infrastructure and analyzing results of the content but videos will definitely be in the mix soon. I think that track resonates visually as well.

Q: You are an emcee, a graphic artist, a clothing designer (BombsAndCombs), and a financial adviser. How are you influencing others to also to create opportunities for themselves?
A: IDK to be honest. I’m just out here tryna’ fight my fears and follow my purpose wherever that takes me. Hopefully, it inspires people to do the same. I’m hoping I can expand on all my endeavors to the point where I can start hiring people and putting them on. Outside of that, I have recently transitioned from financial adviser and I’m back in the employed field. However, I’ve started a brand called Create and Own based on the art of business and financial literacy where I’ll be giving out free game I learned in my 2 years as a financial adviser and creating content that helps educate in a way that resonates and ain’t corny. That starts in 2019 too.

Now for a few off the cuff questions…

Q: Regarding today’s rap beefs – Do you pick sides or is it just entertainment or do you feel emcees just need to get along?
A: I don’t get involved, it ain’t really my business. I’m not one that sees beef as a requirement in Hip Hop. But I also understand SOME beef. A lot of this shit be corny but sometimes there’s real issues that need to be handled and if they don’t it can get there. I personally could never justify spending time out of my life to talk about another man. That’s just a waste of time for me. If not about protecting loved ones I don’t really see the point in beef. I understand it. Bc I used to not know myself too. And a lot of beef can be rooted in that. Identity and insecurity issues. I know my purpose. I know who I am. I be chillin yo’.

Q: Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?
A: Probably my pops. I just always looked up to him as an example and got my first look at what a man should be by him. He’s helped me in a lot of ways. Probably a lot of ways I don’t even realize yet. It always seems to work that way. Him and Bob Marley. Bob has tremendously impacted my life since I discovered him and his un-Americanized glory back in 2013.

Q: Who are your top 2 (not 5) emcees?
A: Hov & Black Thought.

Q: If you were stranded in an island with ONE female emcee, who would be and why? Like who do you feel you’d vibe with the most?
A: Tink. Her shit is craaaaazy. I’d just wanna sit back, listen and learn yo’. She go in from what I’ve heard.

Q: “TGSofHH Inquirer” wants to know… Is there one thing you DON’T want fans to know about you? LOL!
A: Lmaoooooo of course, I’m a private person. But I’m sure as we continue to grow our relationship they’ll learn more intimate things about the kid.

Alright, last question…

Q: Do you want to give a special shout outs to your friends, family, fans, haters – they need love too?
A: Haha! definitely. I won’t name names because I’m guaranteed to miss someone and the last thing I wanna do is leave out people who have had my back. I really appreciate everybody’s support yo’. Whether the love is love or hate I appreciate it. It’s all love from this side.

And it’s all love from The Greener Side of Hip Hop too!

If you don’t see him, you gotta come see about him. Jacobi Ryan. If not, you know what it is – #RegardlessEP.

Photo Credit: Beechum Photography

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Part One: A True Q & A Interview With Oklahoma Hip Hop Artist Jacobi Ryan – @Nothin2Much…

Part One: A True Q & A Interview With Oklahoma Hip Hop Artist Jacobi Ryan – @Nothin2Much…

“My confidence isn’t me thinking I’m better than anyone. It’s me knowing that I’m working my ass off to perform the best I can in every way. I know why I’m here.” Jacobi Ryan

His name is Fresh and he from Lawton! Nah, scratch that – he is (now) Jacobi Ryan from Lawton, Oklahoma. A lyrical emcee “turnt” entrepreneurial wealth builder, dope podcast bringer (shout out to Tha Rap Broadcast), here for the kids like he created that Wu-Tang spirit – he got visions man! And, 2019 will be the year Jacobi Ryan unleashes his creative energy in a major way and I am here for Jacobi Ryan’s latest EP and the “fiddy two weeks” worth of singles that he’ll also be unleashing on us (via his Formerly Fresh/52 In 365 campaign) . It’s been nearly five years since Jacobi Ryan initially graced our pages, however with all this new creativity in the works, the new name change, he is about start letting the whole world know his name – this two part Q & A interview is long overdue. I sent him the questions and Jacobi answered. And, it WAS a cool back and forth process, so please enjoy every bit of Jacobi being Jacobi. Read on…

Q: First off, thank you so much for doing this Q & A interview and thank you for blessing us with your music as well as gracing the pages of TGSofHH over the years! Tell readers a little about yourself… How did you get your start in rhyming?

A: In 8th grade a couple of my best friends wanted to rap on the “White Tee” Instrumental – I told them no. That weekend, we were chillin’ and they started recording to the instrumental by putting a computer mic up next to the stereo and rapping live. By the end of that night I laid my verse, the rest is history. Lol!

Q: When did you know you wanted to be an emcee?

A: Of course we talked about this a bit about this last message, but to answer the second part, I got the Puff Daddy and the Family “No Way Out” album in 3rd grade I believe. Got a new stereo too. When I got that, that was the moment. That was it. Without a doubt. In high school I threw out like 3 mixtapes and had a studio at my crib where the homies would come chill and record and play video games. Our main thing was basketball so I wasn’t too focused on music at that point. I spent a lot of time doing it (rapping) for fun w/o really respecting it. When I came back to it in 2013 I’d learned from that and knew that this was what I wanted to do. So here we are.

Q: The first time you graced the pages of TGSofHH, was when you released the visuals for “Perfect Notes” from your “Empty Venues” project. One thing I noticed about you is that you had this ultra confident demeanor of a well seasoned veteran emcee. I’ve also noticed that same genuine (not fake machismo) demeanor in a lot of your lyrics and videos. Like, you could have shown up at say, the Heiro vs. Hobo Junction Battle back in the day and would have been quite comfortable being the Lone Wolf in your own crew. Is this confidence that you exude driven by your faith and your upbringing?

A: Man, I really appreciate you for rocking with me since forever firstly. I greatly appreciate your continued support. Crazy, that was damn near 5 years ago now. IDK if I’d say it’s because of my faith and upbringing. I’m sure it plays a part and factors in. But, there’s a lot to it. I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder. And I spent a lot of time alone working on my craft, going to shows, and getting to know myself. In that I’ve found peace in my solitude. I don’t need for much. I’m just driven and understand my purpose. And, I’m faithful in the Creator and the universe. I’ve just experienced too much alignment and enlightenment with the Creator to not be confident. I’ve sacrificed a lot. I’ve risked a lot. I’ve worked a lot. Everything I’ve done since 2013 has been strategic in laying my foundation and paying my dues and mastering my craft. I made myself earn the right to be confident in myself – true confidence, not arrogance. I’ve laid my foundation – I’m good. This is the next step. To continue building on it. I’m in this for the long term. Shit could not pop off for me for a cool minute. I’ll be cool doing my shows and working on my craft. I’m at a place now where I don’t need anyone’s validation or approval. For anything. And, I think everyone should get to that point in their own journeys. My confidence isn’t me thinking I’m better than anyone. It’s me knowing that I’m working my ass off to perform the best I can in every way. I know why I’m here.

Q: And, what have you done to cultivate your growth and development as a lyricist and an emcee over the years?
A: I made myself a lot more available for inspiration. I wear headphones everywhere now. Have been for the last couple of years. Because, of that I can listen to beats all day and write things down when I get inspired and brainstorm when I’m not. I’ve learned the value of your subconscious and I’ve tried to be particular in what I allow in. I don’t believe I’m responsible for anything I write. A definition of genius reads as a sort of divine spirit. I believe that makes sense. I can’t control when I get inspired. And I write my best work when inspired. That’s something else using me as a vessel. And, I just try to be open to it and respect it. This shit is really personal for me if you can’t tell lol. I also took every opportunity I got over the past 3 years to perform and work on my live performance and delivery. Since putting out three projects in 2014 my goal was to simply master more of my craft by building a brand, notoriety, and a demand by improving my live performances and really focusing on my writing. My goal was to serve a waiting demand with my next release, as opposed to releasing and then trying to garner demand. People have been asking about a project for a couple years now. It’s been a long time, but it hasn’t been with no thought – trust. Focusing on my live performance has really made a huge impact on my confidence too. I’ve been in mad different crowds, messed up all kinds of ways, and tried different things so I’m really comfortable in my performance wherever I’m at now. A lot of people criticize the mentality a lot of artists have – trying to play any show they can whenever they can – saying it saturates the market and people get tired of you. I don’t think their wrong at all. I think different people have different visions. I’ve seen my last 5 years and even now as my offseason getting ready for the season or tryout. I’ve been willing to take whatever to work on my craft and I’ve found that since I write so much I’m able to adjust my sets alot to avoid too much stagnation. And, that seemed to have paid off a lot. Both internally and for my brand. A lot of people have seen me grow a lot and I think there’s a level of authenticity and respect that comes with that that can’t really be earned any other way.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?
A: Bob Marley, Lil Wayne, Hov, J Cole, Nipsey, KRIT, Puffy, Kendrick Lamar, mad other cats too but you know how that go lol!

Q: I see you reppin’ your city a lot as well as the other artists that hail from Oklahoma. I’ve listen to some of your tracks with WeRdoZe, Joey Sativa and Jim Conway to name a few – and all are dope artists. How has the Oklahoma hip hop scene influenced you and your music?
A: Gotta’ rep my city. Lawton forever. But, yea those are all the homies. I have great respect for those cats and how they approach their crafts. The OK Hip Hop scene has just inspired me. I’m big on the saying “Iron Sharpens Iron”. There are a lot of cats I met since coming here to OKC that are hella dope at what they do on a consistent basis. That shit be inspiring yo. To see ya’ homies out here really with it and getting to it. That pushes me, and I think it’s valuable for everybody. Coming from Lawton we don’t know anything but Lawton. We stay to ourselves and the rest of the state stays away. So being a part of how people in OKC say the Hip Hop scene has grown so much is really dope – I’m just grateful.

Q: Do you feel Oklahoma is a hip hop creative gem waiting to be discovered?
A: I definitely think it’s a creative gem waiting to be discovered. I just don’t know if anyone is looking. Or willing to. I often go back and forth between two ways of thinking. The first is staying in OK and growing via internet and frequent trips to events and mixers to build a national network while benefiting from the low cost of living OK offers; not to mention hopefully piggyback off of the growth of the OKC economy and community – who knows what could happen in the next 15 years. And, the second is just getting up out of OK and going somewhere I know there’s a market for my work at and bringing it back to the crib once attained. I’ve gone back and forth. I originally planned to be in OK for two years after college then go to a bigger market. But, things changed and chances were taken. I’ve actually been having a couple of conversations with some good friends of mine I respect a lot about whether I should stay or go and I think a change is definitely possible. But, nonetheless, the talent here is crazy. B-boying, battling, everything. I had no idea niggas in Oklahoma was out here like this when I came here. In Lawton, we were getting made fun of for trying to rap, in OKC it was a real life supportive culture that had already been built in my eyes.

Q: What is your creative process like? Do you look for inspiration or do you allow it to just come through?
A: I let it come. Some songs take me 30 minutes to write. Others 30 days. Others 2 years. I just try to make myself available for the inspiration. The more I’ve consciously chosen to do that the more inspired I’ve become. I can kick out a verse when I want to – no problem. There’s just a high likelihood that I’m going to which I could change something at some point and it won’t sit right with me long term. At this point I’m only trying to make music I’ll be proud of myself for making 30 years from now. Shit I can stunt with my children with if the time comes lol!

Q: In today’s digital music age what would you say are some of the challenges that you face as an independent artist?
A: Infrastructure. Business models. Strategy. Time. Instant gratification. Clout chasing. All things I think are huge challenges that we could go on forever about but I’ll keep the details to this one. I think the relationship between supply and demand can be a real challenge for artists. I believe we either supply a demand already created or we create a demand and then supply it. I try to be of the second option. But both sides really make sense to me, depending on what your intentions and goals are of course. If you supply the demand already created it’s a better investment of time and money because it’s almost a proven strategy. There’s just so much more competition in it and also likely to hold a shorter lifespan due to its mass appeal. On the other hand, creating a demand has no proven methods. You gotta find that shit and it may never even come. But if it does and if we find it, that shit is gold I imagine. To authentically express yourself with only the intentions of saying what you feel you need to say, not what people tell you they wanna hear or you should do – and have people pay to rock with it because they can relate and connect in an authentic way is dope to me. That’s big business to me. Value. Authenticity. Mutuality. Profit.

Q: You’ve used exclusive content marketing also before. What have you learned about your fan base by using this strategy? Have you had any crazy fan requests?
A: Yea, I’ve been sending a free song to anyone who signs up for the mailing list. It’s worked well. That’s one thing I’m working on improving in myself though I need to be more analytical and disciplined about going back and analyzing results of my campaigns. The strategy itself has been great getting people engaged for sure though. My subscribers went up when I offered them something in exchange for their joining the list. I think that was a big part of it. Providing value is my bottom line pointblank. In everything I read, value is where the leverage is – profit too. So, always offering something – whether they use it or not – seems to be a good idea in marketing. I haven’t had any crazy requests yet. But as I develop and experiment marketing strategies I’m sure I’ll have some stories soon. Ask me again in a year or two lol!

Q: You have also changed your name from Fresh to Jacobi Ryan – your first and middle name, which I think is dope. Why the name change?
A: Yes, yes. So it was a tough decision. I’d actually been thinking about it for a couple years now. The main reason is Fresh was such a common name that I was getting lost in the sauce on Spotify and Apple Music and services like that. So I researched how to fix the problem and federally trademarking a name that common is just too costly for me at this point. I also don’t wanna be getting called Fresh when I’m 40. But don’t trip though, I still answer to Fresh and go by it. I just feel like Jacobi Ryan embodies where my art is and where it can go. I always loved my first name so I wanted to incorporate that once I started to find myself more & more in the art I made. Jacobi Ryan just feels right to me. I had to be Fresh before I could be Jacobi Ryan though fasho’. Issa process.

Q: I’m being serious/not serious here -but what’s the new “tagline” for Jacobi Ryan? Or is that still in development?
A: Lol still the same – Jacobi Ryan, I’m from Lawton – until further notice.

Q: Next to “Perfect Notes” and “25/8”, “Sunsets, Skylines, Night Skies” is one of my favorite tracks, – that track is such a beautiful vibe. Out of all your projects – “Retros & XOs”, “Retros & XOs 2” and “Empty Venues” what is your favorite track and why? Pick one. LOL!
A: Haha thank you yo’… That’s my shit too! That’s a tough question. A big reason I haven’t dropped in so long is because I want to be able to be proud of my music in 30 years. I love what I’ve dropped so far but, I’m ashamed of a lot of that work because I’ve grown so much since it and can do so much better now – it’s part of the process though. With that being said, from what I’ve dropped so far out of my projects, my favorite joint is either “Poor Man” from “Empty Venues” or damn near all of “Retros & XOs 2”. I’m really proud of “Retros & XOs 2” fasho’.
Alright, look for Part 2 of the Jacobi Ryan Q & A. In Part 2 Jacobi answers more questions about the his new EP “Regardless” and gives us insight into what he has in store for 2019. Again, for those exclusives Jacobi, that you now know you need, visit Jacobi Ryan’s page at And don’t forget that the “Regardless” EP is now available on all streaming platforms!

Photo Credit: Beechum Photography

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#HipHop: Q & A Part Deux With Lawton, Oklahoma’s Jacobi Ryan – @Nothin2Much

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#HeFromLawton – Jacobi Ryan (@Nothin2Much) Kicks Off 2019 Early With His “Regardless” EP…

Jacobi Ryan, (formerly Fresh) has kicked off, what is set to be a busy year, early by releasing his four track EP “Regardless” for the first time publicly. This EP is what his fans have been wanting and strategically speaking, it IS time! “Regardless” is just the creative precursor to his agenda for 2019 as Jacobi Ryan will further satisfy fans by releasing singles and more creative content each week (starting next week) throughout the new year. Personally, I can’t wait for this year of Jacobi Ryan’s dopeness, as his gift of rhyming on a higher level with his lyrical content and unique “Lawton drawl” always commands a listener’s attention.

I’ve previewed the tracks and The “Regardless”, EP raises a listener’s vibration and also tugs at one’s life intentions with four amazing feel good tracks! Produced by Wayne J. Valentine a.k.a. [w], the whole EP is akin to doing the two-step to a good ass LP, all night long (and I do mean all night long, cause the challenges of life don’t stop as long as we live it), complete, with red cups raised, and a laser focused mentality, even amid all the hazy ass bullshit in the air… a definition of regardless right?

The EP is now available on all music streaming platform. So, don’t wait – cop it now! But, to get your weekend started early, here is a snippet of Jacobi Ryan’s [w] produced, head nodding and amped-up track “In The Sky” from the “Regardless” EP.  #IssaFriday vibe – y’all enjoy!!

(And don’t forget to watch The Greener Side of of Hip Hops pages for Part 1 and 2 of Jacob Ryan’s Q & A Interview).

Photo Credit: Beechum Photography

#AfroTrap – “Money Dance” – by Wesley Boy | @iamwesleyboy

It’s Wesley Boy Baby!

Hailing from Nigeria and now residing in the U.S., Wesley Boy recently released his energetic track for “Money Dance”. According to Wesley Boy, he created the track (and dance of the same title – look for the video in 2019) as a celebration of success for people who struggle and are still trying to make it through. The track is laden with an Afro Trap beat, and an infectious hook. Combined with Wesley Boy’s rhythmic flow and energy – listeners will “feel” the power which Wesley Boy chants throughout the track and appreciate life’s blessings. What really works for this track is Wesley’s Boy’s confident yet spiritual swag – it’s not overly flashy, it’s dead serious and rightfully so. “Money Dance” is definitely a track you want have in your Air Pods on a Monday morning when you walk into work or the studio – success. Y’all enjoy!

Pre-Order @CulturePower45’s “Drums: Food Clothing Shelter” (Vinyl) by Various Artists

I’m late on the vinyl projects that the record label Culture Power45 has been releasing over the last couple of years. However, when I saw the cover artwork for their upcoming release “Drums: Food Clothing Shelter” I instantly recognized Marcellous Lovelace’s artwork thus, I know this project has to be dope. He is also featured on the project as an emcee. (see his track “Rocking With The Best”). So, for you vinyl lovers, the description of the project is below with two preview tracks by Fatnice (“Word Superb”) and Radius (“Marked Territory”). “Drums: Food Clothing Shelter” will be released this February. Order here and read on…

“As youth growing up experiencing multiple adventures we shift from Helena, Arkansas to other communities. Music was the guide, no Green Book necessary. With drums surging through the ride, there is understanding of its origins, which are from traditions of Africa. The essence transported with the Middle Passage. Language of history, are the words used by the artists on this compilation. Many excursions have transpired by the featured artists. We the escaped souls making migrations to Calumet City, Compton, Detroit, the Bronx by way of Cameroon, Ibadan, Nigeria transporting to Little Rock, Philadelphia, and Memphis. Our music conjures rhythms ranging from Skip James, Cheick Seck, and Ornette Coleman. Traveling passing mounds to row houses but arriving at empty lots. The album covers visual imagery from a lot of emptiness but there is still soul that provides food, shelter and clothing; wrapped with love and support and glimpses of a brighter future.”

The Draft Post That Never Got Released: “Blockbuster Video” [Official Video] by Gone Wallace | @GoneWallace




Side Note: Around the time I did the Q & A interview with Gone Wallace back in January of this year, this post for his “Blockbuster Video” was supposed to appear on TGSofHH, it was a fun experience with the Q & A, with Gone Wallace, so I’ll just blaming it on getting side tracked. But what a way to begin 2018 with Gone Wallace and end the year with Gone Wallace. Read on…

“Blockbuster Video – The Resurrection”. Leave it to Gone Wallace to once again masterfully create some hip hop nostalgia for that ass. Yes, I said ass and you’ll get it later once you listen to “Blockbuster Video” which combine’s Gone’s unique storytelling rap style with a little sexual innuendo over an old school track. The visuals consist of Gone Wallace chilling outside rhyming which kinda reminds you of watching Biz Markie or Slick Rick in a video where you are captivated by their lyrics and actually enjoyed listening to a track until the end. The most entertaining part about “Blockbuster Video” is listening to the specific lyrics that tie into the “Blockbuster Video” theme of the song – yeah I had a “wait, WTF” moment then I started laughing – it took a few replays to catch up! Peep the video for yourself, LISTEN, and enjoy!!

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