This track by Hamden, Conneticut’s Abstrakt Mind was released a few months back, but has totally uplifted my mood today!

Produced by The IZM, “Daydream” begins with an intergalactic kinda vibe, then Abstrakt slowly enters the “double dutch” of The IZM’s soundscape (which eventually blends into a boom bap funk), with first just a word – “Sometimes” as he connects with the track, and after a pause, he starts singing a dope simplistic hook – “Sometimes. Daydream. Fly Away. Take me, far away from this place…” Yessss!! And, just when I’m enjoying this new feel good energy, this new sunshine…

Enter the dragon…

“Shit that’s on my mind/No one man can face/Like how you bad?/You ain’t walkin’ in place/And, uh, the struggle is real/This shit here ain’t fake/I’m the same muthafucka’ from 2008…”

Abstrakt Mind hit me with the sick lyrical crossfade that he is known for. I am not bullshittin’ or daydreamin’. You gone like this mood that Abstrakt Mind and IZM is giving you. Enjoy!

You want more?

“Daydream” is now available on iTunes. Click the link.