It’s Wesley Boy Baby!

Hailing from Nigeria and now residing in the U.S., Wesley Boy recently released his energetic track for “Money Dance”. According to Wesley Boy, he created the track (and dance of the same title – look for the video in 2019) as a celebration of success for people who struggle and are still trying to make it through. The track is laden with an Afro Trap beat, and an infectious hook. Combined with Wesley Boy’s rhythmic flow and energy – listeners will “feel” the power which Wesley Boy chants throughout the track and appreciate life’s blessings. What really works for this track is Wesley’s Boy’s confident yet spiritual swag – it’s not overly flashy, it’s dead serious and rightfully so. “Money Dance” is definitely a track you want have in your Air Pods on a Monday morning when you walk into work or the studio – success. Y’all enjoy!