“This album is a long date compressed into a short 35 minute album that takes you through euphoria in a rose garden while eating strawberry ice cream with the person you love.”  El Blue on “Strawberry Ice Cream

Recently Southern Cali emcee and producer, El Blue released his 10 Track EP “Stawberry Ice Cream”. Already a skilled rhymer, El Blue consistently works hard to refine his production skills to something that he can be proud of and shows the progress of his growth and development as a producer. And, I think he has outdone himself on “Strawberry Ice Cream”. Touting love as the theme (“in its prime and full of life” per El Blue) the tracks are a great blend of hip hop beats, of mainly jazz, and with a little blues, and RnB. As far as a listening experience, with it’s lo-fi sound, “Strawberry Ice Cream” is an EP that you can totally sit down (or lay down) and vibe out too. And, if you are currently in love (or not) – this EP IS for you, no matter what genre of music you like. El Blue’s ability to capture the essence of love with some dope tracks is exactly what you need. Below is one of the tracks from the EP entitled “Roses”. So, roll up and sip on a little “Soda” and enjoy!

“Strawberry Ice Cream” is available on all streaming platforms.