This my balance
Between good and bad.
I don’t know,
If I cross the line
If I can come back…”
– Billie Gvtes

Flows.Check. Dope track. Check. The title is not click bait. Check. This is not a dis track. Check. Billie Gvtes said on the hook of his eerie sounding. yet dope track for “New Edition”…

“The only difference between
Me and greatness
Is I’m the New Edition…
And Bobby.”

The track is about gettin’ money coupled with the sins and lust for it. In regards to the New Edition reference, (Ronnie and Johnny were not mentioned)… I didn’t get the details on the inspiration for this track – but the theme of the song is a total play on words and iconic celebrity lives. If you need more insight on this, you’ll have to peep the video then go ask Billie Gvates. Enjoy!