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Podcast bringa’…

Jacobi Ryan wrapped up the first episode of his podcast “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” last night. The Lawton, Oklahoma native’s first episode was yet another introduction to who he is (there are more layers to him than on his track “If You Gon Know Me”) and he also provided insight on honing his craft as an artist over the years (as well as his strategy for releasing new material), the “#52in365 #FormerlyFresh” Campaign”, and most importantly what to expect from his podcast each week. The main focus of tbe podcast will involve Jacobi Ryan focusing on his own creative genius by discussing the singles he’s dropping each week in 2019 – this Friday’s weekly single will be a track entitled “L-intentioned”.

Although, the podcast is in it’s infancy, his truth and the authenticity of Jacobi’s stream of consciousness will keep listeners reeled in. Not every voice on a podcast or radio will engage you and make you want to listen – trust me, Jacobi got you covered. So, heading into 2019, he’s controlling his own image and thoughts as an emerging artist FROM the top. Thus, there won’t be any question as to who Jacobi Ryan IS or isn’t in the years to come. I see you Jacobi…

Y’all stick with this artist and follow this man’s light!

“The More I Know, The More I Don’t” will be available every Monday morning on Apple, Anchor FM, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Radio Public, and, and on all streaming platforms. Also, check out Jacobi on Tha Rap Podcast with hosts DeezegotSteeze, Original Flow, and Willis.

Listen to Episode 1 of “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast below.