“Sometimes, I sit and wonder why, are we living here just to die?” – I$O INDIES

New York duo I$O Indies recently released their visual for “Church” which is a track off their current five track EP “I.S.O.” that was released last year. As I$O even states on the track – “it’s a vibe”, a beautiful one at that filled with dope music and lyricism (their metaphors and flows are wild) with that classic 90s feel. However, both Ant and Dill rhyme not so much about the ups AND downs of life, but more about how shitty the reality of life IS. Like, it’s an effed up plateau (“bodies drop in the summer, feelin’ trapped like Maze Runner) that you can’t get off of. And I$O INDIES packaged it up into a hard lyrical sermon and thus you get – “Church”. In a music world where the mainstream sometimes consists of messiness and aesthetics we forget some of the grittiness and realness that made an era of hip hop and hip hop itself so dope… I$O INDIES got you. Enjoy!