This the only masked artist that I’ll rock with – BHGMusic group’s BenJamIN. Earlier today, (it’s still Friday in Cali as of this writing) BenJamIN released his first single for 2019 entitled “Roses”. Produced by JohnnystormBeats. The theme of this dreamy, boom bap track is part self reflection on life (and on BenJamIN’s soul), and part “a hustle or die” mantra with and for his day ones…

“They ask what gives a man life?
Seeing my people good
All that matters,
If that’s settled,
I’m good,
If they take this man’s life…
Put that on my damn life.”

If you’ve listened to BenJamIN’s track “The Homies” which he released last year, you’ll understand… There’s no going back – “Roses”.

“Roses” is now available on all streamimg platforms, but feel free to get your ears right and listen below. Enjoy!