“Understand what you dealing with.”
– Jacobi Ryan

Well, damn… This week, Jacobi Ryan’s “#52in365 #FormerlyFresh” campaign went all the way grimey, and all the way in with the release of the energetic and bass heavy banger “Young Kings Cames Up”. If you haven’t heard anything from Jacobi’s catalog of songs yet this the track that will make you say – “Oooh, who dis?”. The lyrics and his aggressive flow on the track tells it all – “I don’t need attention, I don’t even need nobody to know, I’m just focused, I’m taking care of what I got in control…” And, when you finish listening to this track, you’ll see why Jacobi’s laser focused demeanor and work ethic makes him the shit – trust me, (really trust him) you can’t ignore it.

Don’t forget to listen to his podcast on Monday (click here for the link) to see what Jacobi has to say about the genius behind “Young Kings Came Up” which is now available on all streaming platforms. Alright, listen below and enjoy a snippet of this #OklahomaKnock!

Listen to last week’s episode of Jacobi Ryan’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast below to find out the background story behind Week 2’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh track release for “L-Intentioned”, as well as his recent oil change, the responsibility that comes with expertise/genius, bad advice, the value of stories, the responsibility of his mental health and the format change on the podcast.