“Never knew I had a dark side
Til’ I fell off the moon and
The stars died…”
Klokwize, “Mama Forgive Me”

Hartford, CT’s Klokwize dropped his seven track EP entitled “Dangerous Youth” today. The EP boasts several bangers that I like, including the lead single, the reflective “Dangerous Youth” with the beautiful vocals by Amanda Sloan, the edgy “Goddam” with rapper Mike Flowz, and the red cups in the air ready dance track “I’d Rather” with Alisa V. Yes, my ears was all over this EP and I am pleased as Klokwize did not fall short of giving fans a pleasureable buffet of tracks filled with various blends of musical genres (bluesy, hip hop, soul, pop) that makes a dedicated fan wonder with anticipation – “How will he finesse these genres this time?”. And, don’t worry fans, Klokwize’s gravely voice is still in tact – his pen game and voice is why we fell in love with him in the first place.

“Dangerous Youth” is now available on all DSPs…. And, oooh, it was so hard picking one snippet to include in this post because the whole EP is dope! “Mama Forgive Me” is the one I selected as it connects listeners with the whole theme of “Dangerous Youth”. Y’all enjoy…