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#52in365 Undeniable: “No Small Talk” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

Photo Credit: Sike Images

Still moving forward with Week 8 of his #52in365 campaign, today Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for his high energy, Nolo Ellis produced track “No Small Talk”. In the visuals, Jacobi gives fans the nightime city vibes of downtown Oklahoma City, as he effortlessly flows on the streets of his native home state. Jacobi also displays his desire for creativity and motivation which is undeniable, and Jacobi said so himself, that is one of the goals that he strives for as an artist. Keeping in context with the lyrics of the track, the energy in the video is definitely all passion, fearlessness, humbleness, and a hunger for knowledge to path forward on his next strategic steps, whether ordered or not, on his quest to achieve greatness. Just sans that “small talk” when it comes down to advice. Check out the video below and y’all enjoy!

The podcast and campaign… are you connected?

The #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign includes, a weekly song, video, and podcast all 2019. So make sure you, check out Episode 8 of Jacobi Ryan’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” (#TMIKTMID) podcast where he discusses creating vs competing, abundance vs. scarcity, the concept behind blue oceans vs. red oceans, hip hop as the force of aspiration, and of course the song story behind “No Small Talk”. To stay connected and updated on the campaign, sign up at Listen below and share your thoughts on IG/Twitter: @Nothin2Much.

Lyrical Combat: “Hit Me Now” (Official Video) by Clear Soul Forces | @ClearSoulForces

As if listening to their single wasn’t already a dope experience, Detroit’s Clear Soul Forces (E-fave, Ilajade, J-Roc, and L.A.Z.) released their video for their highly energetic track “Hit Me Now”. “Hit Me Now” is featured on their current album that was released in January entitled “Still”. A group that can flawlessly hit them bars, time after time like it’s a lyrical combat”, coupled with great sound and visuals always, never gets old. Y’all enjoy!

“Time Heals” by I$O Indies | @ISOiNDIES (prod. by Jahb Less)

I$O Indies are back this week with another track entitled “Time Heals”. On “Time Heals” Ant and Dill trade ill verses on the track while still giving fans some of that ultra authentic 90s vibe and then some – “fuck going viral, I’d rather listen to vinyl.” Nope, never part of the hype but listeners can’t deny this I$O Indies vibe. Y’all enjoy!

“Leftovers 2” EP by KevnPhe | @kevnphe

“If this verse never get heard
By the public, fuck it.
I don’t do it for the coverage
I do it for the love of it.”
– KevnPhe, “Jodeci Back Freestyle”

The Virginia Beached based duo, KevnPhe recently released a five track EP entitled “Leftovers 2”. I had to look at the cover artwork for a minute, which consists of the African American version of “The Last Supper” and admire the fact that KevnPhe blessed listeners with some new music before I opened their latest musical package. KevnPhe have been active for quite some time, and one thing I love about this duo, aside from their conscious lyricism, is the fact their sound and confidence never chases that of mainstream ears. It is what it is – dope music period. Listen and enjoy!

Moving Accordingly: “Stahfallah” (Official Music Video) by Smif N Wessun | @Smifnwessun

Veteran rappers Smif N Wessun not only dropped their 9th Wonder and The Soul Council produced album “The All” this week, but they continue to bless fans with visual content from their project as they keep their longevity in the hip hop arena moving accordingly – God’s plan. So, make sure you peep the moving visual/audio for “Ocean Drive” featuring Musiq SoulChild and Rapsody which was released a couple of weeks ago. And this week, the duo released the visuals for their track entitled “Stahfallah” which you can watch below. Bless up and enjoy!

“Jigsaw” by @TaiyamoDenku (prod. by @Dcypha)

Milwaukee’s Taiyamo Denku recently dropped his single “Jigsaw” which is from his current album “No Industry Standard” that he released last year. Produced by Dcypha, Taiyamo goes solo dolo for this track bar for bar. Taiyamo has stayed busy touring and promoting his latest project and the dark and gritty “Jigsaw” represents the last promotional push for “No Industry Standard”, thus we know new music must be coming soon. Can’t wait for it either. Y’all enjoy!

Mixin’ Herbs: “The Formula” (Official Music Video) by Sole’ | @MrsSole

“I’m mixin’ herbs in this kitchen
Almost 20 years since you listened…”
Sole’, “The Formula”

After almost a 20 year hiatus from the music industry, as she took time out to focus on healing and wellness among other things, Sole’ has returned to the music arena bringing all the goodness that she has embraced during her time away from the industry. Late last year, Sole’ dropped her video for “PRANAYAMA” which is the first single from her forthcoming album “Under The Veil”. In early February, Sole released visuals for the second single from the album “The Formula” which is all about positivity, and features her “Goddess Coalition” and visually highlights her herbabist expertise (during Sole’s hiatus she also became a Clinical Herbalist also). Sole’ has not missed a beat lyrically for this comeback and I absolutely love her female nurturing spirit on the chorus – “Show me what you hate, I can show you how to love/show me what you hate, I can teach you how to love”. Definitely a total vibe that you can’t ignore and want to keep on repeat. Please visit Sole’s website to become reacquainted with the healing powers, wellness, and lyricism of Sole. Y’all enjoy!

#52in365 Week 8: “No Small Talk” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (prod. @nolo_ellis)

“To face your fears,
Gotta be proactive
And keep on practicin’,
‘Til they want to see
You back again
I work hard…
But I’m scared it’s not showin’.
Aint nobody told ’em…
Fuck it, I keep goin’,
Tryna make a big difference,
Big dreams. “
Jacobi Ryan, “No Small Talk”

It’s Week 8 of The #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign and today Jacobi released his energetic track entitled “No Small Talk”. With it’s fast paced piano melody, long time fans will notice something about the fervent, hard hitting production on this track – that similar to this man’s work ethic and drive, producer Nolo Ellis and Jacobi collaborated to create a musical momentum that don’t ever stop. The piano rhythm and Jacobi’s lyricism are akin to a very consistent, determined blaze. Jacobi opens the gates of “No Small Talk” with a calming, nonchalant chorus, then it’s just pure fire after he lyrically starts putting the theme of the song to task… “They waitin’ on you to step to the plate/Is you ready?/You either are or you ain’t’/It’s fundamental for when you tryin’ to be great/Thieves will call you stupid for the advice that you take.” Jacobi then summons life’s advice, sans the bullshit (that’s that “small talk”) but, poises himself to conquer life’s challenges with guns blazing, once equipped with the proper knowledge. “I want it all and everything in between/Just tell me what it all really means/No small talk… Just tell me what I need to know.” Yep, fearlessness and hunger and he already told y’all he’s “The Arsonist”. On “Small Talk” Jacobi also effectively delivers more of his familiar singing rap style, (see “Perfect Notes”) coupled with a mean ass flow, that compliments the aggressive melody on the track. And, as with most of the songs that have been released from the #52in365 campaign, Jacobi quickly engages listeners with his passion and intensity. To simply please his fans is an understatement. Jacobi strives for an equal balance of dopeness and greatness for his fans always.

“Small Talk” is now available on most digital streaming platforms. And, don’t forget the “#52in365 drill” – every Friday a new track, every Monday a new podcast. So, on Monday morning, listen to Jacobi discuss the genius behind “No Small Talk” on his weekly “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” (#TMIKTMID) podcast as well as other interesting and poignant topics. Feel free to discuss the podcast with Jacobi Ryan on IG/Twitter @Nothin2Much. Y’all listen and be great!

Listen to last week’s episode of Jacobi Ryan’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast below to find out the background story behind Week 7’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh track release for “Is It You?”, as well as being married to the process instead of the results, the importance of not denying our reality, the misconception of questions, and why it’s important to embrace the fact that we don’t really know anything.

The #52in365 Vault: “Is It You? (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

Jacobi Ryan is giving fans and new listeners a bonifide musical journey with his creative #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign. The name of the campaign originated from the fact that he will be releasing weekly tracks all 2019 and he’s somewhat ditching his former name “Fresh” and now goes by his real name Jacobi Ryan. And, he has delivered nothing but consistent, dope, content, including “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” weekly podcast, since the campaign begin. Jacobi’s #52in365 creative “vault” is going to be both, massive, amazing and timeless as well as something to treasure as far as music projects are concerned.

Last Friday, Jacobi kicked off Week 7 of the campaign and released his track for “Is It You?” And, today he dropped the visuals for the track as he will every Tuesday for all of the weekly tracks. The visuals are aesthetically simplistic, which aligns with most of the visuals for the #52in365 campaign as the music and lyrics are already powerful and engaging. For those that have followed the campaign, you’ll see in the visuals for “Is It You?” that this is the turning point where Jacobi has definitely invited you to be a part of his music and life journey with a little taste of faith, love and conflict, transparency, and vulnerability. Again, it’s Week 7 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign y’all, and truth be told, it’s starting to evolve into something more like a dope, cinematic, digital musical treasure. Don’t you agree? Watch and enjoy!

“2019” (Freestyle) by 60 East | @60East909 ft. Phil The Pain

“You can’t book me on Friday/I’m Christ Tucker now…” – 60 East

California’s 60 East recently blessed fans with a new track (which is hands down, an effin’ West Coast banger) entitled “2019” (Freestyle) featuring Phil The Pain and he also provided the lineup for his 3rd Annual #THOPFest (The Happiness of Pursuit Festival) which will be held on April 6th in Ontario, CA. #THOPFest will include the likes of Sa-Roc, Vel The Wonder, Skyzoo, Conway & Benny The Butcher, and many more. 60 East also announced some “hush, hush” things – he is working with Evidence of Dilated Peoples (his favorite hip hop artist of all time) so, look out for whatever these two got cooking. In the meantime, enjoy this track that 60 East and Phil The Pain already cooked and killed – yeah, this track IS that smoke. “2019” (Freestyle) is now available on all streaming platforms. Below, is a snippet of the track. Enjoy!

Tickets for #THOPFest can be purchased here.

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