“Bricks don’t fall when
The food gets thin…’
Lights La Soul, “Breadwinner”.

Lights La Soul schooled us on the economics of “The Black Dollar” last year and returns in 2019 with the “smoke” (yeah, sometimes that is the natural anecdote to life’s frustrations but so is dope ass music – therapy) on his latest track entitled “Breadwinner”. The track is a bouncy, slow tempo track, with the organ vibes, laced with horns, bass and high hats. Even Lights La Soul takes his time stepping up and engaging listeners into the first verse which makes for a nice pause break to appreciate and absorb the music production on the track. The lyrical content is part resiliency (“God double vest me”) and if you catch it, Lights imparts a little “breadwinning” wordplay/financial literacy in his lyrics on rhe track – “I’m the soul with a 412, aim high every time I shoot/I’m the soul with a 412, aim high, twenty-one gun salute” – hence the gun references in the lyrics. The track is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Listen to “Breadwinner” below and enjoy!