“I don’t understand
Why it take so long,
Why I can’t hold on,
Where the plan went wrong,
I don’t know…
Still tryna’ sell my mixtape
At the show…”

On site. Sometimes, a song can hypnotize you on site. With it’s energetic, jazzy, hip hop appeal The Hashassin’s track for “Misunderstood” did just that for me. And, like the theme of the song “I don’t understand” – nah I do, “Misunderstood” is a dope track period. The duo (William Wallace and Sincere) hails from Westfield, MA and both rappers effortlessly engage listeners with their quick rhyme flow and lyricism while delivering relatable life experiences about both being misunderstood and the journey to understanding – yep, clarity gotta wait sometimes. Produced by Sheperd, “Misunderstood” is totally replay worthy and a blessing to any playlist. Y’all enjoy!