“To face your fears,
Gotta be proactive
And keep on practicin’,
‘Til they want to see
You back again
I work hard…
But I’m scared it’s not showin’.
Aint nobody told ’em…
Fuck it, I keep goin’,
Tryna make a big difference,
Big dreams. “
Jacobi Ryan, “No Small Talk”

It’s Week 8 of The #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign and today Jacobi released his energetic track entitled “No Small Talk”. With it’s fast paced piano melody, long time fans will notice something about the fervent, hard hitting production on this track – that similar to this man’s work ethic and drive, producer Nolo Ellis and Jacobi collaborated to create a musical momentum that don’t ever stop. The piano rhythm and Jacobi’s lyricism are akin to a very consistent, determined blaze. Jacobi opens the gates of “No Small Talk” with a calming, nonchalant chorus, then it’s just pure fire after he lyrically starts putting the theme of the song to task… “They waitin’ on you to step to the plate/Is you ready?/You either are or you ain’t’/It’s fundamental for when you tryin’ to be great/Thieves will call you stupid for the advice that you take.” Jacobi then summons life’s advice, sans the bullshit (that’s that “small talk”) but, poises himself to conquer life’s challenges with guns blazing, once equipped with the proper knowledge. “I want it all and everything in between/Just tell me what it all really means/No small talk… Just tell me what I need to know.” Yep, fearlessness and hunger and he already told y’all he’s “The Arsonist”. On “Small Talk” Jacobi also effectively delivers more of his familiar singing rap style, (see “Perfect Notes”) coupled with a mean ass flow, that compliments the aggressive melody on the track. And, as with most of the songs that have been released from the #52in365 campaign, Jacobi quickly engages listeners with his passion and intensity. To simply please his fans is an understatement. Jacobi strives for an equal balance of dopeness and greatness for his fans always.

“Small Talk” is now available on most digital streaming platforms. And, don’t forget the “#52in365 drill” – every Friday a new track, every Monday a new podcast. So, on Monday morning, listen to Jacobi discuss the genius behind “No Small Talk” on his weekly “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” (#TMIKTMID) podcast as well as other interesting and poignant topics. Feel free to discuss the podcast with Jacobi Ryan on IG/Twitter @Nothin2Much. Y’all listen and be great!

Listen to last week’s episode of Jacobi Ryan’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast below to find out the background story behind Week 7’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh track release for “Is It You?”, as well as being married to the process instead of the results, the importance of not denying our reality, the misconception of questions, and why it’s important to embrace the fact that we don’t really know anything.