Photo Credit: Sike Images

Still moving forward with Week 8 of his #52in365 campaign, today Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for his high energy, Nolo Ellis produced track “No Small Talk”. In the visuals, Jacobi gives fans the nightime city vibes of downtown Oklahoma City, as he effortlessly flows on the streets of his native home state. Jacobi also displays his desire for creativity and motivation which is undeniable, and Jacobi said so himself, that is one of the goals that he strives for as an artist. Keeping in context with the lyrics of the track, the energy in the video is definitely all passion, fearlessness, humbleness, and a hunger for knowledge to path forward on his next strategic steps, whether ordered or not, on his quest to achieve greatness. Just sans that “small talk” when it comes down to advice. Check out the video below and y’all enjoy!

The podcast and campaign… are you connected?

The #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign includes, a weekly song, video, and podcast all 2019. So make sure you, check out Episode 8 of Jacobi Ryan’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” (#TMIKTMID) podcast where he discusses creating vs competing, abundance vs. scarcity, the concept behind blue oceans vs. red oceans, hip hop as the force of aspiration, and of course the song story behind “No Small Talk”. To stay connected and updated on the campaign, sign up at Listen below and share your thoughts on IG/Twitter: @Nothin2Much.