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“Apple Sauce” (Official Video)” by Kayo Bracey | @KayoBracey

North Carolina’s Kao Bracey delivers some infectious energy for his visuals for “Apple Sauce”. The turn up coming from the confines of his living room space is very real. Enjoy!

#Instrumental: “Half Jazz, Half Amazing” – by Funky DL | @funkydlhiphop

No stranger to the music scene, London’s highly regarded Funky DL recently released a 25 track jazz and hip hop instrumental album entitled “Half Jazz, Half Amazing”. I’ve been treating my ears to these good vibes all morning, and I love the variety that Funky DL has created. Like the project boasts, its a beautiful “kaleidoscope of vibes, tempos and moods”. If, you are already a fan you”ll dig this latest project. And, if you are new to Funky DL’s music get ready to raise your vibrations and allow yourself to be captivated. Y’all enjoy!

Take This B: “Lakers” (Official Video) – King Philip | @kingphilip_sc ft. Latrell James

Hailing from Boston, King Philip has shared the stages with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, Scarface, Kid Ink, and many more. Released late last month, King Philip debuted his “Lakers” video which was shot by Bred Hampton and features Latrell James. To The Greener Side of Hip Hop pages, Latrell James is already totally synonymous with Boston. Hence, with these two on the track, “Lakers” drips with that Boston pride – so get ready to take this “B”. It’s all organic greatness. And you welcome. Enjoy!

“Lakers” will be featured on King Philip’s upcoming album “Dorchester” which will be released in Spring 2019.

Clarity Gotta Wait: “Misunderstood” by The Hashassins | @TheHashassins

“I don’t understand
Why it take so long,
Why I can’t hold on,
Where the plan went wrong,
I don’t know…
Still tryna’ sell my mixtape
At the show…”

On site. Sometimes, a song can hypnotize you on site. With it’s energetic, jazzy, hip hop appeal The Hashassin’s track for “Misunderstood” did just that for me. And, like the theme of the song “I don’t understand” – nah I do, “Misunderstood” is a dope track period. The duo (William Wallace and Sincere) hails from Westfield, MA and both rappers effortlessly engage listeners with their quick rhyme flow and lyricism while delivering relatable life experiences about both being misunderstood and the journey to understanding – yep, clarity gotta wait sometimes. Produced by Sheperd, “Misunderstood” is totally replay worthy and a blessing to any playlist. Y’all enjoy!


#52in365 The Love and Conflict Week: “Is It You?” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

“Put my eyes to the sky
I ask God ‘What do I do?’
I know I ain’t get
This damn high
Relying off my view… “
Jacobi Ryan, “Is It You?”

You still feel it, or still feel lit – love is on high and has been ultra magnified this week – MJ “Butterflies” are on overdrive. And today, Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 7 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign with his latest track “Is It You?” Continuing with February’s love theme, Jacobi dims the lights low and reveals the love that he’s been crushing on – his faith and reliance on God. The slow, charming and reflective “Is It You?” is about seeking spiritual guidance when it comes to finding true love but, ironically the resulting outcome hinges around doubt, and faith that leads ultimately leads to conflicted feelings, hence the track’s title “Is It You?” The track is a chill melodic head nodder, with beautiful yet reserved lyrics that left me wondering if Jacobi is actually questioning himself or is he doubtful about that special someone or is it fear of commitment? The creative word play in the title and lyrics like these (see below) are going to get fans thinking and probably identifying with their own challenges and conflicts about love…

“Look, I told God I’d do what he’d tell me to do./He told me to wait forever for you./But, damn/Now I’m waiting because he tellin’ me to./I swore I thought I was ready for you./I swear I feel like I’m beggin’ for you./ So impulsive, I’m damn near dead to the truth.”

Remember: Every Friday, a new track. Every Monday, a new podcast for the #52in365 campaign. Thus, Jacobi’s ‘The More I Know, The More I Don’t” (#TMIKTMID) podcast will have all the answers this coming Monday morning. Listen here (holla’ back at IG/@Nothin2Much) and in the meantime enjoy the snippet of “Is It You?” below. The track is currently available on all digital streaming platforms.

#TMIKTMID… Listen to last week’s episode of Jacobi Ryan’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast below to find out the background story behind Week 6’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh track release for “Hated”, as well as his thoughts on race and religion.

All Sides… For The Culture: “Hated” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

Week 6 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign ain’t done yet – the creative vault is building every week. Earlier today, Jacobi Ryan dropped some dope visuals for his latest weekly single “Hated”. In the visuals, Jacobi keeps things simple and allows the multitude of powerful messages on racism and religion on the track to come through which are primarily drawn from his own personal experiences (i.e. his mixed heritage). Having mixed relatives myself, after previewing the track I was curious about some of Jacobi’s own experience with learning to embrace both sides of his cultures especially, when there are so many negative forces or lack of knowledge, that influences might not always strike a positive cord with one’s thinking. Aside from my relatives, I can event attest to an experience where, like Jacobi mentions below the “American propaganda machine” had me believing a certain perception growing up about my people – and my 12th grade teacher had to humble me. My curiosity, led to a discussion, which lead to an impromptu Q &A about growing up balancing his white and his black side and more importantly coming to the realization that one doesn’t know everything there is to know about their own race… Read on.

Q: How long did it take you to find balance with identifying with both your white side and African-American side?

A: “…it took awhile, I don’t think there’s ever an end with anybody really considering we’re all the same essentially. I think it’s just as hard for everyone to come to terms with that. Identity issues… I do remember realizing around the time of the Mike Brown murder that all my life my entire identity was based on slavery. Like, that’s all I knew about my history and that subconsciously manifested as self hate via arrogance & ignorant rebelliousness as a teenager and young man. Careless really. When I realized the institution/system I was supposed to trust to have my best interests only taught me my history was a slave, a lot of things came full circle. I don’t know if that answered your question but I hope it helped…

Q: Wow, yes it does answer part of my question. How were you able to merge both parts of your heritage into something healthy… IF you ever felt that way? Like, you spoke on how one side of your family enslaved the other. Where BOTH sides ever a factor before you realized that you were only being taught one perspective – slavery as a black person, yet you are black and white? For example, I have a relative that is of mixed heritage, I observed, that he always seemed to point out negative behaviors in black people, like his other side was better (he never pointed out such things about his other side) BUT, there are things he experienced that might contribute to his thinking – like lack of maturity, not having healthy discussions about his perceptions. I’m not saying you share his perspective, just using him as an example of how someone who was challenged trying to embrace both sides of his heritage…

A: Damn yo’. Nah, I never struggled with that to that extent. I did a little bit when I was subscribed to status quo & unaware of mass incarceration, war on drugs, & the specific things America had done to put black people & minorities in general in the traumatic states there in now that people call out as if it doesn’t have deeply rooted traumas politically & consciously imposed by the same people who push the narrative. I was just ignorant. Mike Brown forced me to find answers and look closer. Books like “New Jim Crow”, “Between The World & Me” and movies like “13”, “Freedom Writers” and “Fruitvale Station”. I was just unaware & brainwashed really by the American propaganda machine.

Q: But of all the people who have died at the hands of the police/police brutality or due to hate crimes, what made Mike Brown’s tragic death resonate with you more than others?

A: I think it was just the timing. I’d just graduated, moved to OKC & didn’t know anyone and was just getting started in my purpose as far as doing shows and really taking the craft serious. I was really ambitious but lost at the same time and just wanted truth. A lot bubbled though when that happened, it kept me up plenty nights. I was so angry, but didn’t know how to channel it productively. It forced me to find the answers to the questions I have as opposed to relying on what makes me comfortable or any answer somebody else could give me. Before that, I was all basketball and tuned a lot of reality out because of the privilege that came with being a black athlete. I think once that was stripped and I got back to how the world is, I had to make something shake. Trayvon Martin bugged me too, but I wasn’t forced to cope with it like I was with Mike Brown for some reason…

As with his songs, you already know Jacobi has a lot more on his mind regarding these topics, but his insight really opened up my eyes. What, I learned from this short discussion is that the journey to being (not fake) woke and being aware is a process and we sometimes have to be patient with our brothers and sisters on their journeys to get there. Alright, that discussion was both insightful and needed and so are these visuals for “Hated”… Watch and absorb. Y’all enjoy!

Limited Edition Vinyl Compilation: “Prolific Hits 3” – by Infinito 2017 | @Infinito2017

He been rockin’ mics. And the value of his worth is never “how much it cost?”. Having said that, Chicago’s Infinito 2017 (along with Power Culture 45) will be releasing one of his last compilations, “Prolific Hits 3”. The compilation, which features some of Infinito 2017’s greatest songs from the time period 2005 – 2011 will be available on limited edition vinyl for the first time. The vinyl compilation features 12 tracks produced by a variety of musicians from Memo (of the Molemen), Fathom9, Dion Brown, ML7102 and more. “Prolific Hits 3” will be released exclusively by Power Culture 45. If you’ve checked out Instagram you may want to take note of the “sold out” tags on some of their vinyl products. You can pre-order here and the release date is March, 1, 2019. The first 25 orders will also receive a free 7 inch vinyl. Hint: Hurry up and don’t wait to cop this gem. In the meantime enjoy one of the track’s from the “Prolific Hits 3” compilation entitled “Protest In Contest” (prod. by Mr. Mind). Enjoy!

Juxtaposed: “Alive” by EVV | @Evv317

BHG Music Group’s EVV steps out of the calm and demeanor shell that listeners have become accustomed to as heard on his last two tracks 2018’s “Control” and his first track for 2019, “God’s Gift”. On his latest track “Alive”, EVV gives us the familiar soulful yet energetic, singing on the hook then surprises fans with a rapid fire flow that culminates into some very “alive” bars. And just like that, we’ve all been tossed off EVV’s “comfy couch”. Below is the snippet of ‘Alive” which is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Spoiler alert: when you listen to the full track, 1:25 – 2:14 is where EVV demonstrates how his creative cup runneth over. Listen and enjoy!

“7 AM In Brooklyn” by I$O Indies | @ISOindies

The lyrically superb Brooklyn duo, I$O Indies released their latest track “7 AM In Brooklyn” last week. The lyrics touch upon preparing for what lies ahead and still rolling with the punches. Produced by Jahb Less, Ant (Conchez Yut) and Dill (Dillmatic) each deliver verses that are totally an authentic Golden Age vibe, yet makes you want skip winter, lay on a beach and soak up the hip hop warmth that is I$O Indies. Listen, enjoy, and play this all day!

On The Side of The Creator: “Hated” by @Nothin2Much (prod. by Nolan Ellis)

“I”m mixed with black and white
I wish that didn’t matter… ‘
Jacobi Ryan, “Hated”

It’s Week 6 of the “52in365 Formerly Fresh” campaign and this week Jacobi Ryan gets a little personal and socio-political on his hard hitting track, “Hated”. Producer Nolan Ellis, provides the high energy soundscape which builds momentum into an ironically swagged out rhythm that compliments Jacobi’s despite everything theme. The lyrical content examines the unpolished sides of a coin in regards to race, religion and his undivided stance.

“One side of my family enslaved the other half.”

The product of mixed heritages himself (both black and white), in the song Jacobi takes all his people to task and neither the familiar systemic tactics (“Redlining out of blood smears…”) of the oppressor, nor the intracultural issues of the oppressed in his family tree are left unscathed. (“Are you trying to stop the cycle/Or are you too attached?”). In regards to religion, Jacobi also pulls out the hypocrite card by taking to task those who hide Jesus’s race and the reasons for his condemnation. Basically, it ain’t all unconditional love and acceptance all the time now is it? Just know Jacobi stands for the side of the creator. Now, the big middle finger to all of this can be felt in the powerful chorus where Jacobi lyrically plays target practice on the hate that haters hate bullet points and at the same time drives home the message that he is still all good regardless – hence the theme for his 2019 music campaign:

“Them people gon prolly hate it
But we gon get this money
Them peope gon prolly hate it
I love hip hop
I’m black, educated,
Reading books in a hoodie
Them people gon prolly hate it
I love hip hop…”

“Hated” unpacks a lot of issues (and we will explore this a little further with Jacobi in the next few days on TGSoHH pages) but still allows listeners to enjoy good music and appreciate this artist’s drive and motivation even more. Don’t forget to check out the podcast #TMIKTMID on Monday morning (click link here) as Jacobi provides the background story behind “Hated” which is now available on all streaming platforms. The campaign continues y’all – listen to the snippet below and enjoy!

Listen to last week’s episode of Jacobi Ryan’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast below to find out the background story behind Week 5’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh track release for “All Time High”, as well as his thoughts why he decided to vlog everyday, how Super Bowl commercials prove the value of Obama’s presidency, how accurate it is that advertising is the “art form” America contributed to the world.

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