Jacobi Ryan has entered Week 9 of his musical journey for fans and new listeners for 2019 – The #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign, and he has remained consistent with dropping dope content that supports each weekly release. Today, Jacobi delivered his for the hood and for his culture themed track entitled “Lawton View”. Early on in the #52in365 campaign I mentioned that Jacobi can flip his rhyme flow with what I call a “Lawton drawl” and “Lawton View” definitely gives listeners that as the track has that southern, country rap, UGK appeal. The attention grabbing part on the track is the touch of hypnotizing soul sample that can be heard in the beginning of the track, alá the Dramatics or Delfonics which really sets the laid back picture-yourself-rollin-through-Lawton-View vibe. As far as the lyrics and theme of the song it’s all Jacobi and all Lawton View as Jacobi seems to impart a message that consists of self-determination, pride, and never losing sight of overcoming challenges – “I been focused on this purpose I was made for/A lot to be distracted by/But we ain’t though…”. On Jacobi’s project for “Retros & XO’s 2” he has a track entitled “This For Them” which I love, and yeah this “Lawton View” track is most definitely “for them”. So, raise up Lawton View… and everybody else, enjoy this track!

“Lawton View” is available on all digital streaming platforms and also at jacobiryan.com. If you are curious about Jacobi’s insight on this track, don’t forget to check out his “song story” (yeah, you see him Pandora) on his “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” (#TMIKTMID) podcast this coming Monday. Below is last week’s episode for “No Small Talk.” If you like the podcast or want to engage in a healthy dialogue about the podcast, feel free to reach out at IG/Twitter: @Nothin2Much.