The Week 9 visuals, a second EP with producer Dr. View dropping on 3/29, features on the “Curriculum of The Mind” project, as well as new merchandise… again, it’s only Week 9 and Jacob is just gettin’ started. Make sure you register at to stay up to date and get caught up or you can binge off the #52in365 vault later. Trust me, its all timeless and all fire. But, back to the visuals that dropped today for the Week 9 track “Lawton View”….

In the treatment for the visuals for “Lawton View” (which is a hood in Lawton, OK) a sort of protagonist/antagonist approach appears to be used here – (sans the producer who magically appears at the table with two turntables sitting right between the two opposing Jacobis – the music mediator makes everything alright, no doubt). However, it ends up being more like “this is what it is” vs. “I know how it is” as Jacobi takes on the role of describing the external and internal Lawton View strife as well as the role of someone who’s been there and has an understanding of both sides of the coin. Ironically, I never thought about the lyrics to the song in this way, but it definitely makes sense, Jacobi’s “this for them” theme from 2012 makes sense, as he never downplays his roots, but his messages are all about understanding the many facets of where he comes from. He from Lawton. Y’all enjoy!