“It’s far too familiar
But I am not for complainin’
All I got is these prayers
I ain’t worried about
What they sayin’…”
Jacobi Ryan, “Familiar Territory”

If you were not here for the inaugural weekly release of Jacobi Ryan’s #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign, then congratulations – you still on time. The campaign is still rollin’ with all new dope content each and every week for new listeners and fans – regardless. Having said that, today Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 10 of the campaign with his latest weekly release entitled “Familiar Territory”. Prior to the #52in365 jump off earlier this year, Jacobi released his “Regardless” EP which embraces his motivation and determination to move past life’s challenges and the naysers, hence the title. “Familiar Territory” is like the precursor to “Regardless” as the lyrics delve into Jacobi’s personal experiences about how he turns defeat (“Left me off of the list/Left me off of the bus/Left me off the team/You can get off of my nuts…”) into an unstoppable belief in his own greatness that is built on his faith (“I turn to God/Then I turn into Godzilla”) . Produced by Uncle Stiz, the track is akin to a funky, dark and dreamy faded boom bap soundscape which compliments Jacobi’s laid back, reserved flow, as well as the emotional highs and lows of the lyrics. So, “If You Gon Know Him”, (title of the Week 1 track from #52in365) now you know, Jacobi don’t dwell on them Ls – he keeps it pushin’. Y’all listen and enjoy!

If you are familiar with #52in365 drill – every Friday, a new track, every Monday, a new podcast, then you probably know by now that has been expanded to include – every Tuesday, a new video. Register at jacobiryan.com to stay up to date and connected…