“I gotto do
Two times more,
To get four times less.
Its cool because,
I’m sharper in the ass
Let’s talk about it…”
– Haviah Mighty

Some people may know Canada’s Haviah Mighty as 1/4 (and now 1/3) of the all mighty female rap quartet The Sorority, but her solo dolo lane had been carved out before joining the elite powerhouse group. Yesterday, in honor of International Women’s Day Haviah Mighty released her powerful visuals for “In Women Colour”. Regardless of the theme of the song, “In Women Colour” is a very enjoyable hip hop banger of a track. Haviah Mighty’s flow, storytelling, and ability to snatch a listener’s attention for the issue at hand actually made me yearn for a collabo track with Haviah Mighty and none other than Kendrick Lamar. She in her own lane artistically, but because TPAB already exists, “In Women Colour” is on par with that vibe – AND vice versa if IWC existed first.

The track and video for”In Women Colour” unpacks a lot as Haviah Mighty begins by digging into the challenges of race, pay inequality, colorism, feminism, and being judged by society’s aesthetic standards (“If I was taller/You would run from me, huh?”). Then, Haviah Mighty flips the tone of the track midway when she shares a deeper personal narrative about being challenged mentally as a young, tomboyish female playing basketball in 7th grade with other boys – (“Sometimes they gotta let you know that you different.”). Utimately, Haviah Mighty tells how she was sadly physically assaulted by one of the boys she balled with on the court as his male inferiority complex escalated into violence – “He stepped to me cleanly/And he cuffed me by neck and he beat me…”. Right after telling this story on the track you hear and feel (the force of) Haviah Mighty use the experience as a catalyst to rise like an effin” lotus flower with an energetic lyrical assault – “He was swingin’ hard like/Ain’t had my Dad around me/Like I ain’t always had my Sisters and my fam around me… Now I’m rockin big stages/And they gather ’round me.”. “In Women Colour” is truly the art that we yearn for in hip hop and is also a voice for the the struggles that the world could use less of.

Alright y’all, I thoroughly enjoyed keeping this track on replay and writing about it… It’s your turn – listen and absorb. Enjoy!