“I hardly feel whole,
But you don’t know the half,
When things ain’t
Addin’ up in life,
You gotta do the math…”

A few weeks ago, KevnPhe released their EP “Leftovers 2”, and last week they are continuing their momentum as the duo recently released their single “From Scratch”. With production from Dot R. and T-Rifik, the track embodies exactly what the title says as KevnPhe trade verses on life and how music IS life (“I make this music because it’s freedom of speech/And its free to be dumb/That’s why I frequently teach.”) over a laid back boom bap track that includes interludes of scratching. The track is an excellent blend of insightful, conscious lyricism with a classic hip hop feel and definitely something you’d want to include on your playlist. Y’all enjoy!