“I think I see better alone.
If she help I don’t,
Tell her go home.
Fresh to def,
I just step on a stone.
I need some direction
I’m heading the wrong way…”
Jacobi Ryan, “Wrong Way”

“Every Friday, a new track… Every Monday, a new podcast.” Yep, consistency is still the key since Jacobi Ryan started his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign earlier this year. And, if you are plugged in at jacobiryan.com, you know #52in365 is not the only thing Jacobi has in store for 2019 OR this week. However, today kicks off Week 11 of the campaign with the release of Jacobi’s track “Wrong Way”. Produced by Nolo Ellis, the track displays another new dimension in Jacobi’s musical repertoire with its melodic ode to the iconic Hall and Oates. However, it will be Jacobi’s singing style on the smooth contagious hook that will indeliably please the ears of new listeners and fans. “Wrong Way” appeases the mind of those that walk confidently on the side of, and can be vocal about, being honest and not allowing shit to hit the fan when it comes to love and self politics. “Wrong Way” is now available on all digital streaming platforms and should soon be invited to your playlist party. Y’all enjoy!