Photo Credit: Sike Images

Week 11 of the #52in365 #Formerly Fresh campaign is still rollin’! Yesterday, Jacobi Ryan completed Episode 11 for his #TMIKTMID podcast which features the song story for this week’s release “Wrong Way” and today he also dropped the Imageline Studios directed visuals for the track. Shot over a freeway overpass, the visuals are simple Oklahoma scenery and another well thought out chapter of creativity from Jacobi’s personal book of life that swirls around self-doubt, conformity, trust, and distractions. Especially when those topics have endless question marks, outside influences and unwarranted opinions. Which way do you turn without going the “wrong way” as the Hall and Oates influenced track suggests? Having said that, when Jacobi’s #52in365 music vault is complete, fans and new listeners will have lot to look back on å la content and coffee table discussions – yep, #52in365 and chill. Peep the video then check out the podcast below. Enjoy!

Alright, how did your own synpopsis about “Wrong Way” compare with Jacobi’s? Listen to Episode 11 of his #TMIKTMID (“The More I Know, The More I Don’t”) podcast to find out. This week’s topics include: what to expect over the next 3 weeks for the #52in365 campaign, Hip Hop Hypocrisy & it’s Jim Crow roots & the story behind “Wrong Way”. If the song and podcast topics resonated with you, don’t be shy, feel free to share your feedback at Twitter/IG: @Nothin2Much.