Artwork: TinyTitan

Coole High is no stranger to the pages of TGSofHH, and recentlly he released his made specifically for good vibes, lo-fi, instrumental hip hop project, entitled “Coole Vibrations 4 U & I” along with the visuals for one of the tracks entitled “STOIC’. The visuals for the track are appealing as Coole High takes the eyes and minds of listeners on a mini instrumental journey of “stoicism defined”. The visuals come across as that art piece in a museum that you came to see, except that the surprising caveat is, it really sent for you. The melodic piano vibes on the track combined with the visuals will have your head stuck on tilt with admiration – exactly where Coole High wants you. Unbothered by emotions, but still inhaling warranted and unwarranted energy – you might not know that you need to harness such characteristics in your life (as power) until you’ve seen these visuals for “STOIC”. Y”all enjoy!

“Coole Vibrations 4 U & I” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.