“At first u think it won’t be u,
Then u go through it,
Then u grow through it,
Then u champagne toast to it…”
Jacobi Ryan – “Toast To It”

Alright, hip hop heads, don’t raise that red cup just yet before taking pride in your valiant efforts. Testimony and “delayed satisfaction” – that’s seems to be the theme for Jacobi Ryan’s Week 12 release from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign entitled “Toast To It”. On the soulful, almost Hill Street Blues theme sounding track, produced by Lawton’s Hunt, Jacobi lyrically eases listeners into the theme of the song in a stream of conciousness like fashion. Jacobi starts out with some hookless verses in the beginning, coupled with a poignant “turn down to focus” moment in which the track switches momentum to pour out a little liquor, then Jacobi seques into why he took it there and brought you here – to the edges of his ambition – in the first place. Now, you can carry on with the applause and “champagne toast to it”. And, If you’ve been a day one on the campaign like I have, you might understand that the whole foundation for the track could be a little “L-Intentioned” (the title of his Week 2 #52in365 drop). Thus, “Toast To It” might as well be called “The Artistic Habits of A Highly Effective Person” especially, with some of the road to greatness gems that Jacobi is dropping through out the track – “They ain’t gone see how it is/Until you are who you about to be”. Stick with the campaign and you’ll see, there is no lie in this man’s work ethic and vision. “Toast To It” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. And don’t forget on Monday Episode 12 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID, podcast will be available which will include his background story on “Toast To It”. You don’t want to miss it. Y’all enjoy!