Regardless if you”ve recently started tuning in or you’ve been here since day one – welcome to Week 13 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign. Jacobi is servin’ all the musical love this week as he dropped the EP “Viewer’s Discretion” with DJ/producer Dr. View and he and producer Nolo Ellis released their high powered track “Money In The Way”. And of course, the later track is why you are here on this post…

“All this money brings
Distractions & complacency
But nah,
I’m makin’ money
It ain’t makin me…”

The smoke, the fire, and the smoldering embers – that is exactly what Nolo Ellis brings to the table on the head noddin’ and bouncy “Money In The Way”. Coupled with the aggressive lyricism about how the distraction of money can hinder one’s success by Jacobi, and Nolo’s production, the track snatches your soul, dusts you off and quietly sends you home with your vibrations altered and raised. In true #52in365 fashion, it’s a message filled banger that’ll keep them red cups raised… Yep, you gone “rock” different after this listening experience. “Money In The Way” is now available on Apple Music and all other digital streaming platforms and you can preview the track below. Enjoy! – MSDFQN