Recently Lawton, OK’s Jacobi Ryan and Longview, TX producer and DJ, Dr. View teamed up for their collaborative EP entitled “Viewer’s Discretion”. On the six track EP, Dr. View often times provides a soulful, yet gritty soundscape as can be heard on the tracks “122nd and Penn” and “Lawton View” as well as providing listeners with well intentioned, hip hop bangers as displayed on the new classic sounding, beat box infused, Steph Curry mean muggin’, “DOLO” – Yep, welcome to that #OklahomaTexasKnock. Beware, though this EP is not for the haters, naysayers, and doubters, as Jacobi stays consistent with his message, via his relentless lyricism, when it comes to one’s journey of manifesting goals and visions regardless of life’s distractions. “Viewer’s Discretion” is now available on Apple Music and all other digital streaming platforms. Enjoy! – MSDFQN