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“Riot Control” by @TaiyamoDenku ft. Rah Digga, Gavlyn & Perseph One (prod. by Jihad Baracus)

Milwaukee’s collabo King Taiyamo Denku is back again this week with three Queens – Rah Digga, the West Coast’s Gavlyn, and Kansas City’s own Perseph One” for his latest single entitled “Riot Control”. I think Rah Digga sums up the intentions of this track the best when she rhymed “Never seen a ghetto Monday in they lives/Only matter if it sells/They don’t care about the Gods…” as the song reminds listeners to not get distracted by the “mayhem” that is overrated wack rappers who forget the shoulders that they stand on. No worries here, Taiyamo and the Queens’s heavy artillery of lyricism gotta it all under control. Y’all enjoy!

#52in365 Hold The Applause, Then… “Toast To It” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (prod. by Hunt)

“At first u think it won’t be u,
Then u go through it,
Then u grow through it,
Then u champagne toast to it…”
Jacobi Ryan – “Toast To It”

Alright, hip hop heads, don’t raise that red cup just yet before taking pride in your valiant efforts. Testimony and “delayed satisfaction” – that’s seems to be the theme for Jacobi Ryan’s Week 12 release from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign entitled “Toast To It”. On the soulful, almost Hill Street Blues theme sounding track, produced by Lawton’s Hunt, Jacobi lyrically eases listeners into the theme of the song in a stream of conciousness like fashion. Jacobi starts out with some hookless verses in the beginning, coupled with a poignant “turn down to focus” moment in which the track switches momentum to pour out a little liquor, then Jacobi seques into why he took it there and brought you here – to the edges of his ambition – in the first place. Now, you can carry on with the applause and “champagne toast to it”. And, If you’ve been a day one on the campaign like I have, you might understand that the whole foundation for the track could be a little “L-Intentioned” (the title of his Week 2 #52in365 drop). Thus, “Toast To It” might as well be called “The Artistic Habits of A Highly Effective Person” especially, with some of the road to greatness gems that Jacobi is dropping through out the track – “They ain’t gone see how it is/Until you are who you about to be”. Stick with the campaign and you’ll see, there is no lie in this man’s work ethic and vision. “Toast To It” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. And don’t forget on Monday Episode 12 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID, podcast will be available which will include his background story on “Toast To It”. You don’t want to miss it. Y’all enjoy!

Lo-Fi Instrumentals: “STOIC” (Official Video) by Coole High | @CooleHigh

Artwork: TinyTitan

Coole High is no stranger to the pages of TGSofHH, and recentlly he released his made specifically for good vibes, lo-fi, instrumental hip hop project, entitled “Coole Vibrations 4 U & I” along with the visuals for one of the tracks entitled “STOIC’. The visuals for the track are appealing as Coole High takes the eyes and minds of listeners on a mini instrumental journey of “stoicism defined”. The visuals come across as that art piece in a museum that you came to see, except that the surprising caveat is, it really sent for you. The melodic piano vibes on the track combined with the visuals will have your head stuck on tilt with admiration – exactly where Coole High wants you. Unbothered by emotions, but still inhaling warranted and unwarranted energy – you might not know that you need to harness such characteristics in your life (as power) until you’ve seen these visuals for “STOIC”. Y”all enjoy!

“Coole Vibrations 4 U & I” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“What Am I Doing Here?” @60East909 Ft. @Arianomusic (Official Music Video)

“Cause we been down this road.
At the end of the road,
There is a cliff…”
– Ariano, “What Am I Doing Here?”

Pure poetry from Southern California with love…

60 East and rapper/writer/producer Ariano dropped the visuals for their deeply insightful, relationship track, “What Am I Doing Here?” yesterday. 1990s rewind… After watching the film “Poetic Justice” years ago my sister’s review of the film was very simple, “This film is for lovers only”. Pretty much thats exactly how I felt after absorbing this track and video for “What Am I Doing Here?”. Only lovers can or want to understand the multitude of great times or storms they are going into, are currently in, coming out of of, or are in acceptance of the permanancy of the relationship whether good or bad. Even after the bad times, shit still lingers with the familiar as played out within the tracks sentimental lyrics. “What Am I Doing Here?” is the second single off 60 East and Ariano’s joint collaboration “Circles” EP. With its gritty guitar riff, East’s sympathetic, laid back flow, and Arianos as the voice of questioning “chaos”, the track will definitely resonate with lovers and ex-lovers alike. Enjoy!

The Happiness of Pursuit Festival…
Also, make sure to check out 60 East’s upcoming Festival in Ontario, California April 6th, 2019 Featuring Conway & Benny The Butcher, Sick Jacken, Skyzoo and many more. Get your THOP Fest tickets here.

Freedom Or Doubt: “Wrong Way” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (prod. by @nolo_ellis)

Photo Credit: Sike Images

Week 11 of the #52in365 #Formerly Fresh campaign is still rollin’! Yesterday, Jacobi Ryan completed Episode 11 for his #TMIKTMID podcast which features the song story for this week’s release “Wrong Way” and today he also dropped the Imageline Studios directed visuals for the track. Shot over a freeway overpass, the visuals are simple Oklahoma scenery and another well thought out chapter of creativity from Jacobi’s personal book of life that swirls around self-doubt, conformity, trust, and distractions. Especially when those topics have endless question marks, outside influences and unwarranted opinions. Which way do you turn without going the “wrong way” as the Hall and Oates influenced track suggests? Having said that, when Jacobi’s #52in365 music vault is complete, fans and new listeners will have lot to look back on å la content and coffee table discussions – yep, #52in365 and chill. Peep the video then check out the podcast below. Enjoy!

Alright, how did your own synpopsis about “Wrong Way” compare with Jacobi’s? Listen to Episode 11 of his #TMIKTMID (“The More I Know, The More I Don’t”) podcast to find out. This week’s topics include: what to expect over the next 3 weeks for the #52in365 campaign, Hip Hop Hypocrisy & it’s Jim Crow roots & the story behind “Wrong Way”. If the song and podcast topics resonated with you, don’t be shy, feel free to share your feedback at Twitter/IG: @Nothin2Much.


#52in365: “Wrong Way” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (prod. by @nolo_ellis)

“I think I see better alone.
If she help I don’t,
Tell her go home.
Fresh to def,
I just step on a stone.
I need some direction
I’m heading the wrong way…”
Jacobi Ryan, “Wrong Way”

“Every Friday, a new track… Every Monday, a new podcast.” Yep, consistency is still the key since Jacobi Ryan started his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign earlier this year. And, if you are plugged in at, you know #52in365 is not the only thing Jacobi has in store for 2019 OR this week. However, today kicks off Week 11 of the campaign with the release of Jacobi’s track “Wrong Way”. Produced by Nolo Ellis, the track displays another new dimension in Jacobi’s musical repertoire with its melodic ode to the iconic Hall and Oates. However, it will be Jacobi’s singing style on the smooth contagious hook that will indeliably please the ears of new listeners and fans. “Wrong Way” appeases the mind of those that walk confidently on the side of, and can be vocal about, being honest and not allowing shit to hit the fan when it comes to love and self politics. “Wrong Way” is now available on all digital streaming platforms and should soon be invited to your playlist party. Y’all enjoy!

Defeat Is Not An Option: “Familiar Territory” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Dir. by Imageline Studios)

Photo Credit: Sike Images

The Week 10 visuals for Jacobi Ryan’s #52in365 #FornerlyFresh music campaign dropped today! As you recall the track “Familiar Territory” kicked off Week 10. In the visuals, Jacobi sticks to the simplistic thematics as the video was shot on a rural road – its just Jacobi and that Oklahoma territory. Thus, you can already connect with the vision here – “familiar territory”. If you have listened to the track or this week’s #TMIKTMID podcast, you’ll know that the song represents another insightful chapter in the life of Jacobi Ryan with a message that listeners can also resonate with – remaining defeated is not an option. 42 more weeks to go and he has other projects dropping soon – the “Viewer’s Discretion” EP with Dr. View and he’ll be featured on “The Space Program Collective” project as well. Watch and y’all enjoy!

“Familiar Territory” is available on all digital streaming platforms and also at Episode 10 of Jacobi’s “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” (#TMIKTMID) podcast is now available which features the song story for “Familiar Territory”, and he also talks about his intentions for the #52in365 music campaign, American capitalism and what it should be. If you like the podcast or want to engage in a healthy dialogue about the topics, feel free to reach out at IG/Twitter: @Nothin2Much. Listen below…

“Stars” by Locksmith | @dalocksmith feat. @Murs (Official Video)

“Don’t expect to shine
If you scared to
Step into the light.”
– Locksmith, “Stars”

Cali’s Locksmith and Murs dropped a video for their track “Stars” from Locksmith’s current project “Ali”. The song takes on a personal narrative from both rappers as they trade verses about not only meeting rap stars but the challenges and decisions that are involved in regards to achieving fame and stardom. The message that listeners will get out of this song is you have to feel secure about your path to reaching your goals and defining what it means to “step into the light” – for you. Y”all enjoy!

#FrenchHipHop: “Drop Zone” by Fresh Out Da Box ft. DJ Low Cut (Prod. by I.N.C.H. Beats)

France’s hip hop group Fresh Out Da Box (Kro x Abd x O’sabio & I.N.C.H Beats) are new to TGSofHH pages and recently they dropped the visuals for their track entitled “Drop Zone” from their forthcoming album “Special Delivery” which drops on 3/29. The lyricism on “Drop Zone” is delivered entirely in French but the music itself and the rhymes are total head nodders. “Special Delivery” will feature various international artists such as Big Twins, Godfather, Vald, and DJ Low Cut. You can pre-order the album here Y’all enjoy!

#DAGO: “Suns Out” by Lights La Soul | @LightsLaSoul

“Man I got bills
How’s that for a rhyme?
From 6 to 2 I shoot the moon
And hope the stars align,
I need a deal
So I over grind…”
Lights La Soul, “Suns Out”

A few months ago, Pittsburgh’s Lights La Soul released his video for “Suns Out” which is a track from his latest project “DAGO” (Dreaming About Getting Out) which consists of ten tracks that resonate with the project’s title. “Sneak Diss” and “Black Dollar” are two of my favorite track as Lights’s lyricism has this clever and tranquil (and sometimes blunt – “you a whole asshole”) way of making fans think about the little nuances in life, family, relationships, friendships and the struggles to find time to level up as presented in the “Suns Out” visuals. The visuals present a dichotomy that involves a father who spends time with his young son as seen throughout the video and a man who works tirelessly sans the enjoyment of quality time with anyone except his grind. Just watching the two scenarios play out, instantly place listeners into the thick of “Dreaming About Getting Out.” It’s not a fantasy, it’s life, but it can be done. Y’all watch and enjoy the video!

“DAGO” (Dreaming About Getting Out) is available on all digital streaming platforms or your can visit Light’s website for the streaming/purchasing links:

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