“Don’t put me in a box,
Put me in a frame.
Let them other ones
Know we were never the same…”

Yeah, one has to really dig into their feelings to come up with lyricism that is pure poetic, especially when it makes a listener responds with, “Did she mean this, or did she mean that?” And, whatever the intentions of the lyrics were, it totally resonates with some part of a listener’s psyche because they have either experienced the situation at hand or are currently going through it and the words just re-labeled the situation “correctly” – and damn, there is that epiphany you didn’t know you needed. Thus, I love how Niyemah Supreme states the obvious and states the ugly truth on the the chorus (see above) for her track “Frame”. “Frame” which is all about one’s questionable position in a relationship, is on the collaborative five track EP with producer 183rd entitled “Energy”. With Niyemah’s vocals and straightforward lyricism, coupled with the nice melodic production by 183rd, this is definitely a vibe you can’t deny. The “Energy” EP is available on all streaming platforms. And of course, you can enjoy the visuals below.