“Gotta figure out who r u?
Errybody swear they know
What’s best for you.
I don’t know who you talkin’ to.
Hoodie up, mind open, mouth closed…
Who r u?”
– Jacobi Ryan, “Who R U?”

Do you really know who you are? That’s the question coming out of the #52in365 vault today, as Jacobi Ryan dropped his Week 14 release entitled “Who R U?”. Produced by Jaylord, “Who R U?” is an airy filled, melodic, and light on the boom bap style track bounce track. On “Who R U?” Jacobi gets a little insightful about his past circumstances such as losing his apartment, and stoically readies himself for war (“Hoodie up/Mind open/Mouth closed”) when it comes to tackling adversity as the only solution is to rise above it with your own mindset – thus “who are you?”. Jacobi also refers to the track as the anthem for “the “people workin’ on it, the ones who want the money with the purpose on it”, once again driving home the message of hustling hard to work towards your own dreams. And yep, Jacobi’s Lonewolf, no fear demeanor is written all over this one – he from Lawton and he most definitely ain’t for the weak at heart. “Who R U?’ is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Enjoy! – MSDFQN

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