Listen, wherever you’re at on your journey to achieve your goals, this week’s #52in365 track is meant be the light that shines when you pause for a minute reflect, look up to thank the Creator, and tell yourself – “Shit, I got this”. Yep, this that self-affirming mantra you need…

“Tears of joy coming soon.
I been lookin at the moon.
I been starin at the stars.
I been tryin to get in tune.
I been goin through a lot.
Lights is off in the room.
Gotta a lot on my mind.
I been runnin off fumes…”

Today, Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 15 of his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign and movement with the release of the “baton carrying” and optimistic song “Tears Of Joy Coming Soon”. Set to a boom bap, synth style track with production by Oklahoma’s Just E, “Tears Of Joy Coming Soon” is more of a personal anthem that speaks to one’s self awareness about their motivation (“I ain’t worried bout the pain/Know it’s all gon’ manifest.”) and strong faith whereas the only outcome will be a job well done despite the many highs and lows (“I’ve been facing elimination/Like a nigga playin’ in game 6.”). What l’m really feeling on this track, is the way Jacobi flows with that self confidence and spirit that makes you never want to fall back on your own journey. Again, #52in365 emodies a movement to inspire others and in the past Jacobi used the phrase “this for them” in his lyrics. Thus, “Tears Of Joy Coming Soon” serves to reinvigorate that inner hustler in you, so – “this for you”. Y’all enjoy!

“Tears Of Joy Coming Soon” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.