“Let’s build each other up,
Watch the aftermath…

In February the duo known as The Hashassins William Wallace and Sincere dropped the visuals for their track “Love Yourself”, which was followed by the release of their 8 track EP “not sure” in March. Yeah, TGSofHH isl a little late on featuring The Hashassins’s fresh goods, but any always great music is timeless and feels like Christmas in July. That is pretty what I felt, when I watched tbe visuals for “Loving Yourself” all the while trying to find The Hashassins (who appear as only the lyrical messengers) in the heartfelt visuals. On “Love Yourself” Their lyricisim (along with the duo’s chemistry) and the music hits you like a soulful, bluesy, melodic, edgy, laid back, hip hop tug of war and you can’t decide which part to fall in love with first. Don’t forget though, while your lost in the creative luxury of The Hashassins, that the message in the song is to “Love Yourself”. So, show yourself a random act of kindness – watch and listen. Y’all enjoy!!

“not sure” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.