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“I been throwing up prayers
Talking to the one
That’s sitting up stairs.
Asking for the strength,
I know it’s unfair
Struggle all u want,
The goal doesn’t care…”
– Jacobi Ryan,
“Tears of Joy Coming Soon”

Welcome to Week 15 of the #52in365 music campaign and movement – yep, we are still rollin’. Today, Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for the Just E produced track, “Tears Of Joy Coming Soon”. Shot in the Myriad Gardens in downtown OKC, the track and visuals are a reminder that “the marathon” don’t come without struggle or pain, but one must have the wherewithal and get right with the Creator to see it through. There is a part in the lyrics that I like where Jacobi says “Word on the street, when they take shots/Fresh don’t fight back/ Just know u don’t know what I pack…” and in the visuals he looks up to the sky to The Creator with a smile. Yes, that faith gotta be that strong to keep it moving.

If you haven’t caught up yet, or just got onboard, the campaign does not merely serve to entertain fans but Jacobi is also using the #52in365 platform that he created to inspire others and continues to use his personal experiences to drive home the message that dreams fulfilled don’t come without discomfort but they do come. And, despite the obstacles what do you do? You keep building. As a matter of fact, when I asked Jacobi today, what’s next for the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign and movement – he said merchandise will be a part of the next phase of the campaign and will be available within the next couple of months. Trust me y’all, even with that answer, I know the genius and visionary that is Jacobi Ryan is still just getting started. (Spoiler alert – another single drops tomorrow and is also here. You are welcome.). Thanks for ridin’ and y’all enjoy!


Episode 15 “Tears of Joy Coming Soon” from Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live. This week’s episode discussed:

  • Pain: embracing vs escaping.
  • The dual meaning of the Chinese interpretation of a crisis.
  • The story behind “Tears of Joy Coming Soon”.

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