I rarely let the hook serve as the takeover in my post – but today is “special” – it’s Aries season, I’m a Sag. Still, it’s Aries season. And, this why Week 16 of #52in365 is jumpin’ off on a Wednesday, and we doin’ it again this Friday. Trust me, we in order.

“It’s been a long time cominnnnn
I got a million ways to get it
Been building one at a time,
I been building one at a time.
This here is one of a kind,
I been waiting on
The right way,
Right play,
Right thangs, to say

When talkin to myself,
I say get up outta the way,
I say get up outta the way
‘Be forgetting that’s how u play
It’s been a long time coming…”
– Jacobi Ryan,
“Long Time Coming”

A long ass, deeply satisfying, talk with yourself…

That is the love (yourself) as a verb and adjective feeling that is invoked on Jacobi Ryan’s latest “early” Week 16 release entitled “Long Time Coming”. The track is produced by Dylan Graham and consists of a great blend of genres named Jacobi Ryan, Jacobi Ryan, and Jacobi Ryan. Word to the producer though, as the track is a lil’ EDM, lo-fi, trap, with that heavy bass and bounce appeal – and its all a creatively positive wave. But, on “Long Time Coming” Jacobi employs the best of his confident agressive flows, message filled, achieving your dreams lyricism, and he sings the effin’ contagious hook á la his rap singing style. And, ironically, it’s the track’s spacey, psychedelic vibe that slowly segues right into that hook in the intro of the track that weirdly lets the listener know, “yeah, this about to be gratifying to the soul”. As you can tell this is a “special” Wednesday vibe – like I said it’s Aries season and we’ll do this again on Friday for #52in365. Y’all enjoy!