“My big brother’s death
Is the reason why I
Give y’all an earful.
Deaf ears
That fell on deaf ears,
Nipsey Hussle right now,
Who is next year?
Hopefully nobody,
It’s suppose to be nobody
Too many black kids are dying
Who are suppose to be somebody.
And I pray that, I ain’t next (2x)
And I pray that I get blessed.”
– KevnPhe, “Always Be Me”

In honor of their project “Daily Dos” turning a year old today, and continuing with the late Nipsey Hussle’s “marathon”, (“Thats why I’m tryna get it now/Live it now/Start up my business now/Ironically I’m on the move/But every move is pivotal.”) Virginia’s KevnPhe recently dropped a four track EP today for the fans entitled “Vice Verses”. On all the tracks, KevnPhe deliver the back and forth chemistry that they are known for over some ill verses head noddin’ tracks. The four tracks also consists of two freestyles “A Million Freestyle” (DJ Premier) and “My Hood Freestyle” as well as the tracks “Checkin’” and the very sentimental “Always Be Me”, which deeply resonates with some of my own thoughts feelings about the artists that grace the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop. The song is definitely an ode to all the lost souls and also an ode for all that are still here striving for longevity.  Y’all enjoy!