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“Show u how much it mean to me
By what Ima sacrifice for it.
Mess around and
Give my whole life for it.
Kept the faith when I
Doubted if I was right for it.
I won’t talk too much about it,
But I could show you
How much it mean to me
By what Ima sacrifice for it.”

Another #52in365 Friday is upon us and Jacobi Ryan is heading into Week 17 with his Just E produced track entitled “Sacrifice”. And just like we are easing into our weekend, on this track I like how producer Just E eases listeners into the song with a melodic, almost gospel organ sound over a horn filled boom bap type track. It’s a feel good interlude but also serves as the soundscape throught the remainder of the track. After hearing the intro, I was thinking, okay either rapper/singer Jacobi or reflective Jacobi was about to step up to the plate. And, I don’t mean to tease with the slang venacular, but “psyche”, its actually Jacobi with the lyrical smoke and mean flow that steps up to command the mic, informing listeners about his own sacrifices, as well as the risks and the voices of the naysayers, that are aften part of the journey to achieving success. Jacobi also reminds listeners to recognize that inner voice too – “Just one person really know what u here fo, that’s you dog.” And, if we keep it one hundred, sometimes, there is a journey within that journey – the transformation from realizing and taking the steps to succeed with your given purpose (and of course the sacrifices that come along with that). But, what does that look like or feel like? I had to get Jacobi’s take on this, as #52in365 is about “creating and providing value” and Jacobi ain’t one to hold back on his personal receipts as he paths forward on this marathon. On “Sacrifice,” for example he touched upon faith and doubt in the song (the journey within the journey) and this is what he had to say…

“Kept the faith when I
Doubted if I was right for it.”

Q: Is this still a tug of war for you from time to time?

A: “I can’t lie, it lingers from time to time. But, I feel like the creator is reassuring me that this is my purpose more and more literally every day. It’s not nearly as strong as it was but that human doubt/discouragement def still pops up from time to time.”

Q: As you moved towards feeling less doubtful, would you say you had to get out of your own way or you had to develop a stronger sense of faith in order for that to happen?

A: “Both. I had to get out of my own way so that I can have faith. I think my ego and my fear and my desire for control kept me from my faith & purpose.”

And you know next week we’ll hear more from Jacobi about the story behind “Sacrifice” on his #TMIKTMID podcast. “Sacrifice” is available on SoundCloud and will be released on all digital streaming platforms. Enjoy!